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FSU Putting Final Touches On The River City Showdown Game Plan

Sept. 26, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.The FSU football team has not played a game since a 16-6 win in Boulder, CO September 15. The squad is now into its second week of practice for the Alabama game and the preparations are starting to wind down. Wednesday FSU practiced for 20 periods in uppers and spent a large part of the practice working against the scout team.






Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On inviting Bear Bryant to Tallahassee:

“When I first came here in ’76, John Bridges was the athletic director, he’s from Birmingham, of course I’m from Birmingham, so we called Bear to see if he’d come down and play golf with us. So he came down for a couple of days, our reasoning was to try to get a game with Alabama, we were independent back in those days. Coach Bryant said, `no, as long as I’m athletic director we won’t be playing.’ Stuck by it.”


On Wednesday’s practice:

“Wish I could tell you something else exciting, it was just another good day of practice. At least we’re getting a lot of hot sun. I hope it’s hot Saturday because we’ve been in the hot sun. If it’s real hot, it will be in our advantage, I don’t know if it will be.”


OT David Overmyer:

On the Alabama game:

“We had a great practice today. Coach (Rick) Trickett said it was one of our best practices of the year. Everyone came out here focused, worked hard, had a great individual effort, carried it over to the team. We’re communicating well. We really need this for Alabama, I think everyone is starting to figure out that if you come to practice, work hard, it’s a lot easier in the end because coach Trickett is going to get it out of us no matter what.”


How the team has been preparing for the Alabama blitzing:

“I’m feeling great. I think all the other guys are. We are gonna be having our walk through tomorrow, really fine tooth things. I’m feeling pretty confident. Alabama has got a great defense so we are really going to be focused on assignments and our techniques.”


DT Letroy Guion:

On practice this week:

“We’ve just been working hard all week. It’s showing off. The defense picked it up a little bit. I work hard everyday whether I’m starting or not. I just come out here and give it my best. I let coach make decisions.”


On starting against Alabama:

“I’m very excited. That’s why I have been working very, very hard this week, which I do every week but this week is really special because I really do want to beat Alabama. Nobody wants a loss on their record so we all are working hard so we can go out there and do that.”

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