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FSU Spends The Last Part Of Wednesday’s Practice Inside Doak Campbell

Dec. 17, 2008

  • TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Wednesday the Seminole football team only practiced one time and the players surely appreciated that considering temperatures reached nearly 80 degrees just a week before Christmas. The team spent 12 periods working on the practice fields before moving inside the stadium for the final six periods.



    ·          Andrew Datko was named a freshman All-American by Rivals.

    ·          Michael Ray Garvin was named first team All-America and Graham Gano second by Sporting News.



    ·          Florida State practiced for 18 periods in full pads and spent a majority of the practice versus Wisconsin scout teams.

    ·          Tony Carter, Patrick Robinson and Ochuko Jenije all had pass break-ups in 1-on-1. D’Vontrey Richardson completed passes to Jarmon Fortson and Corey Surrency. Christian Ponder completed two passes to Louis Givens and one was deep for a TD. Drew Weatherford went deep for two TDs to Fortson and Surrency.

    ·          In pass rush Rodney Hudson won a couple battles for the offense. Andrew Datko, Ryan McMahon, David Spurlock, Joe Tonga and A.J. Ganguzza also got wins. Benjamin Lampkin and Neefy Moffett were the only defensive linemen to win multiple rounds. Everette Brown, Paul Griffin, Everett Dawkins, Moses McCray and Kendrick Stewart all had sacks.

    ·          In 7-on-7 Patrick Robinson had a “pick six” and Jenije had a break-up when the drill moved into red zone. Ponder completed passes to Antone Smith and Bert Reed. He also hit Fortson for six in red zone. Weatherford hooked up with Louis Givens and Cameron Wade. He also found Greg Carr inside the 20.

    ·          Ponder completed one pass to Surrency during 11-on-11. Weatherford went deep to Givens and also completed a pass to Jermaine Thomas. For the defense, Jamie Robinson forced a fumble following a completion, Toddrick Verdell broke up a pass and Moffett had a sack.

    ·          Practice finished up with an exciting 1:00 drill. Reed dominated the drill for the offense as Ponder continually looked to the freshman. Reed hauled in three passes including holding onto one ball over the middle after a vicious hit from Myron Rolle was unable to dislodge the ball. Once Reed and Ponder guided the offense inside the 15, the Seminole defense stiffened. Jamie Robinson came close to an interception in the back of the endzone but was ruled just out of bounds. On fourth down from the 16 an offsides call gave the offense one last chance and Ponder took advantage finding Carr for the TD.



    Head coach Bobby Bowden

    Opening Statement:

    “Earlier we had planned to go two-a-days today.  We tried it Monday and you just don’t get enough time to prepare.  The coaches felt it would be better to just stick with one-a-day (practices).  So we will go one-day tomorrow and of course on Friday morning.  This gives the coaches more time to look at film.”


    On the warm weather:

    “I hope it stays this warm down there (Orlando).  I don’t know what it (the weather) will do, but we have been very fortunate with the weather so far.  I remember out here many times preparing for bowls and freezing, just freezing to death.  But it’s been like summer time out here.  We would rather have the heat.”


    On the overall health of the team and if there are some positions that concern him:

    “No, I think overall, if we stay as healthy as we are now, we will be in pretty good shape.  There are still a few kids limping around, but it’s much better than it was two days ago.” 


    On the improvement of the young guys:

    “You expect them all to improve with time.  The freshmen are not freshmen any more; they have 12 games under their belt.  And the sophomores are not sophomores any more; they also have 12 games under their belt.  You want to see that improvement and a lot of that determines on who is around you.  Are they getting the job done? 


    QB Christian Ponder

    On the development of his play during the course of the year

    “Over this season I think I have progressed pretty well.  The team has definitely had its ups and downs, but I’ve learned a tremendous amount during this whole experience.  Honestly I did pretty well and I’m pretty proud of the way I’ve played, but  I think I could have done a lot better.  There’s definitely a lot of things I need to improve upon going into this off-season and this Wisconsin game is going to be a huge springboard to give us momentum to work hard and be excited about the things we have.”


    On what the team needs to work on

    “During the off-season we have a lot of details to work out and we’re so young sometimes when we’re playing out there we forget about the details and we’re worried about getting things right.  I think the biggest thing we’re going to work on is the small things and get a lot of things corrected.”


    On what he needs to do better as a quarterback

    “For me it’s going to be getting up with Coach Fisher everyday and learning everything I can this off-season.  I was more worried about doing right by myself and not worrying about the smallest details and I was more worried about myself than everyone else.  Now I’ve got this first season done and now it’s going to be more about the rest of the team and fixing everything else and I’m going to meet up with Coach Fisher just about every day and listening to what he has to say and working with the other guys.”


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