May 22, 2000 - by
FSU Volleyball: European Tour, Day Eleven

May 22, 2000

We slept in late today, had breakfast (soft boiled eggs, cheese slices,
bread, o.j. and cereal or yogurt( and left Berlin on our charter bus for
Copenhagen, Denmark. We stopped after a two hour drive so we could eat
lunch and the driver could rest. We ate at a rest stop area with a
cafeteria. It was absolutely the last chance for German sausage! We arrived
at the point of origin for the Ferry crossing…we crossed the Baltic Sea
on the Dronning Magrethe II in a two hour ride. Some of us sat on the top
deck in the fresh air and others played cards in the closed-in area where
there were tables. As we neared Denmark, the duty-free shop and cafeteria
were closed and 10 minutes before docking the announcement was made for us
to return to our vehicle down below. The bus was on the bottom level and we
had to find staircase F to find our way to exactly where our bus had been

We had another two hour ride through the farm lands of Denmark. We
arrived at Idraettens Hus, the Danish Olympic Training Center for all
sports, at 8:00pm, checked into our single rooms and headed to the
restaurant on the training grounds for an already prepared meal. We had a
salad bar available and chicken breasts, baked potatoes and homemade rolls.

We had a brief tour of the two gyms we will play in tomorrow and a
team meeting about our schedule and the scoring format. We will play a
match consisting of 2 out of 3 games (rally to 21, tie-break to 7 points)
and 2 out of 3 sets to win the match. We play Sweden first and the Danish
National Team later in the day.

As we go through the beautiful facility, you begin to think about
all the elite athletes that have trained here to represent their country.
We talk about leaving good impressions as a college team and begin to think
of ourselves as elite athletes and coaches.

In your small single room you have some quiet time to shower,
unpack, watch TV and pull out your bed for a good night’s rest!

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