May 24, 2000 - by
FSU Volleyball: European Tour, Day Fifteen

May 23, 2000

We finally boarded the plane in Frankfurt after sitting in the airport for
five hours. We settle in for the eight hour and 20 minute flight. We are
spread throughout the large plane and we sleep (a favorite free time
activity), eat lunch, watch a movie, sleep, eat a snack, and finally land
in Atlanta at 3:30pm. We go through immigration, claim our luggage, go
through customs, recheck our luggage and proceed to A concourse for our
flight to Tallahassee. We gather for hugs and final pictures with Lucy
McDaniel (our major Booster) and Racheal Maxwell from Global Outreach (the
exceptional tour leader and organizer). We board our short flight and
immediately fall asleep again. We land in Tallahassee at 6:41pm and greet
the crowd of family and friends who have come to meet us.

We returned safely from a 16 day trip that took us on vans, planes,
charter buses, the U Bahn, the S Bahn, lots of walking, city buses, a tram,
a ferry, trains, sleeper cars on trains and a river boat! We played eight
international teams, eaten all kinds of food, seen all kinds of toilets,
learned a lot of history, carried each others luggage and had the
experience of a lifetime. The benefits of this trip will become apparent as
we reflect back in the next two months and as we develop as a team over the
next few years!

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