September 23, 2017
FSU vs. NC State Quotes

No. 12/11 Florida State vs. NC State

Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017

FSU Offensive Player Quotes


Junior running back Jacques Patrick

On NC State’s end zone run defense:

“They had a good game plan and they blitzed a lot. We had a young quarterback. He actually played a really good game. I’m really proud of him. But they were throwing a lot of different blitzes to try to get the ball out of his hands quick. They had a really good game plan.”

On FSU’s 0-2 start and the team goals moving forward:

“We know we’re a great team. This doesn’t define who we are. We’re going to go out there and practice the same and get better prepared. Things just didn’t go our way today. We just want to go back out there and do what we have to do.”

On if this team start has lowered the expectations of the team moving forward:

“You can’t hang your head on any situation in life. Unfortunately, that’s how life goes. But at the end of the day, things are going to get better and that’s how we see it. We are going to go to work. We’re going to keep playing hard. We’re going to try to win out. That’s our goal to try to win out.”

On Blackman’s first start:

“He showed a lot of poise. He never got flustered as a true Freshman in his first start. It was very intriguing and something you can build off of. I’m really proud of him and the way that he came out and stepped up for our team.


Redshirt Sophomore George Campbell

On how the receiver’s performed:

“I feel like it’s not just about me and my role. As a receiver, as a whole, as long as we’re going, the offense is going as well.”

On Auden Tate exiting the game due to injury:

“It was nothing big and nothing we can’t handle. At the same time, coach Fisher always tells us ‘next man up’. If someone goes down it’s the next man up so at the end of the day if your number is called you have to be ready to go out there. Just like what James (Blackman) just did.” 

On if the Wide Receiver’s will be able to step up if Auden Tate misses time:

“Most definitely. We have a surplus of receivers and we’re all good. We are all going out to execute and compete. If Tate is out for a while, we will be able to step up and make those plays.”

On the expectations from special teams moving forward:

“It’s about execution. Nothing crazy. We beat ourselves in the Alabama game. It’s about execution on special teams and making sure we step up and make the plays. We have to make sure we block the right person and make the right reads coming off kickoff and kick returns. There’s nothing special to it. Just making sure that we execute everything on special teams.”

On Aguayo’s and Tyler’s confidence after the Special Teams performance:

“It helps them build up their confidence. They’re both two good kickers and they both make phenomenal kicks. Like I said, we are going to go back next week, do the same thing, execute, make sure we are doing everything right, and they’re going to keep kicking the ball.”


Sophomore kicker Ricky Aguayo

On how the team feels about the game:

“We’re obviously down that we lost this game, but it’s just a matter of moving forward and learning from our mistakes. We have Wake Forest next week who’s a really good team. In Winston-Salem it can get pretty loud. I haven’t played there, but I’ve heard from my brother. We’ve just got to move on and fix our mistakes.”

On being iced at the end of the first half and if it made you upset:

“Not really, that’s the kind of stuff I do in Madden, but having that done to me gave me more time to focus in on my technical swing. And I had that one on the second timeout and I was able to hit it, so it gave me confidence.”


Sophomore Defensive End Brian Burns

On the penalties:

“The penalties we definitely caused on our self. It’s just something that we couldn’t control. It was out of our hands, and it’s up to the refs.”

On being off for three weeks:

“I wouldn’t say we were affected. I feel like we were ready coming into this game. I just felt like we didn’t execute the way we should have and had mental errors. Our discipline wasn’t where it should have been.”

On what positives there are to take away:

“I preach the word positivity. Even when Deondre got hurt we stayed positive. That’s all you really can do. We have nine more games, it’s just one game. We have to keep pushing.”


Junior Defensive End Josh Sweat

On if it was frustrating that the defense couldn’t hold them long enough:

“It’s not really frustrating. We fell short in a lot of situations and they capitalized, on us being in the wrong place, missing tackles. We gave up way too many third downs and we could have stopped them, and forced three and out. It was just a big sting for me. Too many penalties. We can’t win with that many penalties.”

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