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FSU vs. Virginia Quotes

Nov. 20, 2011

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Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

On Virginia’s play and FSU’s miscues:

“Virginia hung in the game; made enough plays to win at the end, made the play they needed to make, had the drive they needed to get. It was all on us as far as keep leaving them in the game. They kept hanging and scratching and clawing. That’s my fault because obviously it’s got to start at the top. There’s no one play that lost that game; it was a conglomerate of them across the board. Very disappointed; I thought we were past some of that.”

More on FSU’s mistakes:

“We are making some young mistakes but we should be older. You’re not a freshman anymore, you’re not a sophomore, you’re not a junior. It’s the end of the year. Those all need to stop. Very disappointing. This team was doing some really good things and they still had an opportunity at the end we just didn’t make the play. Had some great opportunities, that’s for sure.”

On the final play before the potential game-winning field goal:

“We’ve got to manage that situation at the end better. We don’t need to catch that ball. We work on it every day; eight seconds or less we throw it if you catch and can get out you do, if you don’t you knock it down. We were fortunate that we didn’t catch it right there. But that’s something we practice every week and work on.”

WR Bert Reed

On his career long 68-yard reception:

“Virginia ran a cover 3. Me and EJ recognized it and communicated. I stayed skinny up the seam to keep away from the safety on the backside and I just came up a little short on the touchdown. It was a great play though, good read by EJ, good protection by the offensive line, but I just came up short.”

On the team being able to bounce back against Florida next week:

“That’s all that this is going to be about is bouncing back again. We showed that we can and it’s pretty easy to get motivated. Florida should be self-motivated. A lot of guys coming from the state of Florida, what can be accomplished by being the state champions again, and we still have goals that we can meet. Just go out there, try and get better, and be 1-0 at the end of the week.”

TE Ja’Baris Little

On his first career touchdown reception:

“Once I got over there, I saw what was happening on the front side because I was on the backside. Once I saw that I could possibly get the throw I looked back and he lobbed it up for me so I made the catch. It came at a good time but unfortunately we didn’t win.”

On playing his last game at Doak Campbell Stadium:

“It was real tough. That game was crazy. Emotions were high and it would have been great to come out with a win but sometimes it just doesn’t happen like that.”

QB EJ Manuel

On Virginia’s defensive pressure:

“It was tough. We expected some pressure and try to take advantage of their undersize. There were some things I could have done, throw the ball away, make some adjustments. It was not just the offensive line’s fault. It was a team effort.”

On struggles with short yardage:

“We got to keep working at it. I’m not the guy to put blame on others. There are other plays we should have made to win the game and we just didn’t make them.”

On the sack late in the 4th quarter:

“They came quick. I didn’t really expect it to come so fast. We had a side adjustment to the left and I was reading to the right, and actually the pressure came from the right. It just happened very fast and I can’t take the sack in that situation. It’s my fault.”

DE Brandon Jenkins

On his individual efforts with helping the team:

“I was just trying to do the best for my team, there were a lot of good plays that we did on both offense and defense, but I just wanted to go out there and play my hardest.”

Were you surprised on how much Virginia’s QB ran the ball?

“It really did surprise me, but they have a good offense too. Their O-line is pretty good but their whole team just played well tonight.”

How does this loss compare to other losses from last year?

“This is one of the toughest ones, we had some tough losses early on and we had a little bit of a streak going and you know we were still just practicing hard and playing hard and for something like this to happen it kind of brings you down as a team.”

Can you redeem the season with a win next week against Florida?

“We still have our goal of being state champs and hopefully we can get some momentum going and get to a bowl game and have a great game”.

DB Greg Reid

What’s your team’s mindset right now and yours after this loss?

“Every loss you just can’t let it hang on your shoulders, I feel like I could of done better for my team though”.

On having some good returns called back because of penalties:

“It’s huge but what happens, happens. We just can’t let that kind of stuff stick with us and just move on to the next game.”

Did some of the delays in the game have an effect on the team?

“I don’t think so. A game is a game delayed or not and it’s just something you have to be prepared for.”

Mike London

University of Virginia

Opening statement:

“It was a catch to us and it wasn’t a first down either so because of that the clock should continue to run and it ran out. Their sideline started challenging the fact that they didn’t catch it and that it was an incomplete pass. An incomplete pass and there should be one second on the clock or if they caught the pass and it was a first down they should be allowed to get to the line of scrimmage and do one play and that was their last kick right there. When they lined up to kick – and I have never heard this before – it was disconcerting signals. We are lining up in desperado trying to block a field goal so our outside guys are moving inside to tighten up to get on the guard, to get in the gaps and try to get push and because we move in like that that’s where the signal came from and they moved five yards up closer.

“I have never been involved in a game like that – and before that – the facemask on Cam (Johnson) I don’t know if he grabbed the facemask if he did then he did but it was the last player there because it was fourth down.

“It was a great win for the program – for the players and coaches. It was kind of like a David and Goliath type of thing. It talks about David – he picked up the stones and ran towards Goliath. When you play a great team like Florida State you can’t sit back on your laurels, you can’t sit and wait to see what`s going to happen because they are a tremendous team with tremendous athletes. What you have to do is run right at them and just everything we tried to do was game planned on just trying to not be timid, to run the ball and they stopped us running the ball – the best defense in the ACC and fourth in the country so we had to throw the ball. We just found ways to win the game on both sides, all three phases. You can see why we try to kick away from Greg Reid – if you kick to him – he has done it against everybody – everybody team they have played. He’s a phenomenal talent. They key was to try to get it away from him.

“Coming into a place like this — it’s got great college football tradition – and win like this, it might be one of the best wins I’ve been involved with in my whole coaching career including the championship at Richmond.”

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