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FSU Women’s Tennis Favorites

Feb. 24, 2005

Roxanne Clarke
Favorite professional team – South African rugby team
Favorite food – Anything that’s free
Favorite activity (outside of tennis) – Watching television

Lindsay Deason

Three people to sit down to dinner with – Michael Moore, George Bush and John Kerry
Childhood nickname – Lulu
Couldn’t live without – my watch

Junior captain Miranda Foley

Miranda Foley

On a rainy day, I’d love to – sleep
I couldn’t live without my – parents
The clothing I feel most comfortable in is – my sweats

Jennifer Hyde

Favorite ice cream flavor – Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite vacation destination – British Virgin Islands
If I wasn’t playing tennis, I would be – golfing

Alina Mihailescu

Movie – Finding Nemo
Childhood hero – Batman
Person – both of her parents

Tapiwa Marobela

Childhood hero – the original Pink Power Ranger
Currently drives – a bicycle
Favorite food – bread and candy

Mihaela Moldovan

Favorite activity outside of tennis – swimming
If I wasn’t playing tennis, I would be – Skating or playing handball
Favorite television show- The Bachelor

Hayden Perez

Favorite movie – Legends of the Fall
Favorite activity (outside of tennis) – Snowboarding
Three people I would sit down and have dinner with – Maya Angelou, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton

Freshman Tapiwa Marobela

Yana Stoeva
Favorite movie – Training Day
Favorite ice cream flavor – Vanilla
If my house caught on fire, the first thing I would grab is – passport, blanket and money

Amberly Tantee

Dream car – Ranger Roger
Childhood nickname – Boo
Favorite Food – Mexican

Natalie Tirapelli

Childhood hero – Mr. T
If I could date any celebrity, it would be – Paul Walker
If my house caught on fire, the first thing I would grab is – my photo albums

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