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FSU Women’s Tennis Takes Time to Give Back

Oct. 30, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – On Friday Oct. 26, the Florida State women’s tennis team took time out from its fall training schedule to give back to the community. Coaches, managers and players from the women’s tennis team pitched in to share their tennis skills with kids from Boystown and Florida Baptist children’s homes at the Scott Speicher Tennis Center.

“Having these kids out here was awesome,” head coach Jennifer Hyde said. “It’s great for our girls and for these kids. Some of them have never had the chance to hold a racquet before and it’s good to give back. An opportunity like this is very fulfilling for the student-athletes as well as the kids.”

Coaches, managers and players served as teachers to 35 kids ages 8-17, instructing the students on basic tennis skills.

Also participating in the event were members of the Tallahassee Community College Dental Program. Associates of the program took time to instruct students on dental hygiene, while passing out dental hygiene products in between activities.

“This is great for the girls because sometimes they forget how lucky we are,” Hyde said. “It’s sometimes good to step away from the training, but you get grounded a little bit and remember where you came from. You remember the people that took the time to spend time with you on court when you were young. We all had people instructing us on forehands and how to hold the racquet and it’s great that we could get back to that.”

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