June 18, 2019


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – Q&A

Between whom is the MOU?

The MOU is between Seminole Boosters, Inc. (SBI) and the Florida State University Athletics Association (FSUAA).  Both parties desire to acquire greater efficiency through shared responsibility, accountability and consistency in administration.

What is the FSUAA?          

The FSUAA is the new management structure for FSU athletics; it is a Direct Support Organization (DS0) for FSU.  The five members that serve as its Board of Directors govern FSUAA.  These members include the President of the University (the Chair), FSU’s NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative, and the Chair of the Seminole Boosters.

What is the purpose of the FSUAA Board of Directors?

The FSUAA board provides governance and oversight while serving as the fiduciaries who steer the organization by adopting sound policies, engaging in effective decision-making and exercising the appropriate level of oversight.

Who hires the Athletic Director?

The Chair (FSU President), in consultation with the FSUAA Board of Directors, shall appoint the AD and designate the AD as the CEO of the FSUAA.

Will Seminole Boosters, Inc. (SBI) still serve as a DSO for FSU Athletics? 

Yes, SBI will maintain its status as a DSO for FSU athletics with the mission of support the Athletics Department in hiring and retaining coaches in a high-demand and competitive environment.  It is a different DSO from the FSUAA.

Will SBI still be a separate organization from the athletic department?

Yes, SBI and its employees will continue to be a private organization governed by its Board of Directors.  The CEO is hired, managed, evaluated and compensated by the Board of Directors with the consent of the University President.

What are the reporting lines for the President of SBI?

The President of SBI has a dual report to the Chairman of the SBI Board of Directors and the Athletic Director.

How will this new structure promote SBI and FSU athletics working closer together?

Annually, the Athletic Director and President of SBI will be required to submit joint goals for:

Fundraising goals (both long- and short-term) and priorities

SBI operating budget

Strategic plan and implementation

Facility master planning, including funding plan

Contract management

Additionally, they are required to meet at least monthly to review progress and performance.

By integrating SBI and FSU Athletics, what are some desired outcomes?

Consolidated financial reporting for SBI and FSU athletics for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to the FSUAA

Increase collaboration between SBI and FSU athletics employees

Eliminate duplicate efforts between the two organizations in the areas of marketing, communication and finance & business

When will this change take place?

We anticipate this transition occurring by the fall of 2019.

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