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FSU’s Own Version of the Williams’ Sisters

Feb. 9, 2006

Written by Sports Information Student Assistant Brandi Wilkerson

Tallahassee, Fla. – Between class and an interview for WCTV, Alyce Williams (junior English education student) and Alycia Williams (senior creative writing student) found time to answer some personal questions about their lives on and off the field.

The two New York natives, who attended high school at Flagler Palm Coast in Bunnell, Fla., began their college careers at George Mason University. Alyce was the first of the two to transfer to Florida State University and Alycia followed in order to run alongside her sister. This marks the first year the twins will be adorned in Garnet and Gold. The first twin, and the eldest, to be interviewed was Alyce.

Q: How has the transfer from Virginia been? Do you miss it?
Alyce Williams: I miss my friends and my sorority sisters, but I really enjoy my time in Tallahassee. The first semester I came here I didn’t get a chance to really connect with the other girls because they had their own schedule and it was during the season and I decided to redshirt my first year. But this year has been the best year of my life because I connected with the team. It’s been a great experience to be with jumpers, middle-distance, short sprinters and long sprinters and warm up together. It’s like team unity every time we step on the track to warm up.

Q: You said you are a member of a sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Have you connected with your Tallahassee sorrors to participate in community service activities?
A: The Zeta’s in the undergrad chapter here aren’t back (on yard) so I’ve been spending time with the graduate chapter, but it’s hard because they meet on Friday’s and (the team) travels a lot on weekends. I try to do community service when the Sigma’s (the Zeta’s brother organization) have something. I go to different schools to mentor and help kids and as an education major, I love doing that.

Q: What do you foresee yourself doing in the future with an education degree?
A: I want to go to graduate school and get a double Master’s degree in English education and Sports psychology, and then get my Ph.D. in psychology. After that I want to be a sports psychologist for the NFL or MLB. Then I want to retire from teaching and be a professional track star.

Q: Who influenced you to run?
A: Our parents influenced my sister and I to run. They put us in town leagues and the junior Olympics when we were younger and now I’m glad they did.

Q: Do you play any other sports?
A: We played basketball and ran cross country. We can do anything but there was never enough time. So it’s just been track because it takes up so much time. In the off season we try to play basketball.

Q: So track is your first love?
A: First and only!

Q: Do you prefer sprinting or the triple jump.
A: I prefer jumping but I do love running because that’s what I started off doing. I was always a runner. Then I got a little bored with track and was thinking about giving it up then I tried the long jump, and high jump and then I discovered the triple jump and I love it! But now I’m getting back in the running mode because my sister always says, “You’re not just a jumper, you’re a runner too.” So, I have to run.

Q: Do you enjoy being on the same team as your sister or would you prefer competing against her?
A: I love running with my sister. She’s a great athlete and I love watching her run. To be on the same team with her is an honor. To be on the team with she and Cynthia (Evelyne-Cynthia Niako) and whoever else is put on that team is an honor because those two are phenomenal 400-meter runners. If I were to ever do the 400-meter open I would want to be as good as they are.

Q: Is there anything you want your fans to know about you?
A: I love Derek Jeter. I’m a Yankees fan until I die!

Q: Valentine’s Day is in a few days. Have you made any plans?
A: I’m going with my best friend to a comedy club to just chill. Valentine’s Day is so commercial.

After WCTV captured footage of Alyce and Alycia running, stretching and hanging out by the water cooler Alycia was ready to tell a little about herself and her relationship with her sister.

Q: Your sister said she transferred to FSU because her triple jump coach left. Did you come because you missed her?
Alycia Williams: I didn’t know she was leaving until she walked in the office (at George Mason). But I decided to stick it there, then she called and said, “FSU is great”, so I decided to leave.

Q: Do people often confuse you two?
A: It depends. I don’t think we look alike. For the most part when people don’t know us they confuse us. People will meet us and say, “You two look alike”, but when they get to know us people will say, “you guys look alike but I can tell you two apart.” I think it’s easy to tell us apart and most people figure it out after awhile.

Q : Do you do anything extra to differentiate yourself?
A: We really don’t do a lot together besides track, and we have a different set of friends outside of track. We like the same things but we do them at different times.
Q: Your sister mentioned you two used to play basketball. Why did you choose track over basketball?

A: Basketball was just something to do, but we live for track. With basketball we could walk away from it and not be sad, but track, we can’t walk away from this.
Q: Are you strictly a sprinter? You don’t ever get the urge to jump?
A: I have jumped before. It’s weird, I used to do high jump and I stopped in eighth grade and my sister did it in high school. And then she did long jump, and when I started I became better than her. Then she began doing triple jump and I felt that was too much hop-skip-jump. Then she got real good at it and began concentrating on that. I can jump but I don’t want to.

Q: So now you only run the 400m?
A: I run the 400m, 800m, and 200m. I do everything from the 60m to the 800m relay, but I mainly focus on the 400m.

Q: Who is your idol in track and in life?
A: In track it’s Jackie Joyner-Kersee and in life, my mom (Audrey Williams).

Q: Is she your biggest fan?
A: She and my dad (Milton Williams). They only missed two track meets in high school. For the most part they are always here (at track meets). My mom always videotapes. She will get a seat by the finish line. She can come late and the stands can be packed but she’ll sit at the top (of the stands) with her camera and catch the race. So they are always the first to get tickets. Our siblings support us as well. They love what we do. I think when it comes to track it’s important to have the support from your team, the coach and your family.

Q: Have you created a niche for yourself on the team?
A: When I joined the team I was a little shy but as I started talking to people they began listening to me. I think leadership is important and I try to take the leadership role in some way or form. If I give constructive criticism they accept it and the same goes for me. Being one of the older members on the team I feel I should step it up and I would want them to do the same.

Q: Is there anything you want your fans to know about you?
A: I’m dedicated to whatever I do. I try to focus and work hard at everything.

Q: Valentine’s Day is approaching… Is there anyone you’re looking forward to spending time with?
A: Valentine’s Day will just be another day for me because I have class all day. But Valentine’s weekend will be spent with someone special.

The Williams twins can be seen excelling in their various events during track meets. Their television interview will aire Thursday, Feb. 9 on WCTV Channel 6 at 5 p.m.

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