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FSU’s Robyn Gauger Driven To Succeed With Her Family’s Support

March 20, 2001

By Laura Pelletier

Senior Robyn Gauger likes to make people laugh, looks up to Mark McGuire and if invisible for a day, she would go into the Florida State men’s locker room and listen to what they think about girls. Robyn Gauguer might seem like a normal girl but there is a driving force behind her that has her succeeding on and off of the field this season. Robyn is currently second in RBI’s, third on the team in on base percentage and fourth in slugging percentage but she says she doesn’t have any pre-game rituals or a pair of lucky socks that can account for her success this season. I even asked Robyn if her secret was eating Wheaties before games in an effort to find out what is driving her on the field success in 2001. After interviewing her, it was apparent that what made her a champion was something that has been with Robyn her entire life. It was obvious to me her family was the force driving her success.

Robyn grew up in St. Marks, Florida, where she learned the game of softball from her biggest supporters, her mother and father. This family bond is so strong she even mentioned living near her parents at some point down the road. Her dad’s been her coach since high school and her brother Michael played baseball here at FSU and was in the minor leagues.

“My parents are just a big part of my life,” said Gauger. “They have helped me deal with everything and I’ve learned so much from them.”
Growing up, Robyn was very close with her brother and the brother- sister bond they shared over the American game continued to grow even stronger when her brother Michael moved out for college. During high school she went to his college baseball games when she could and he would attend her high school games even though he was in college at Florida State.
“He had a lot of desire, so I just kind of learned from him,” said Gauger. “He worked hard and he was always really good. I was always just trying to follow his lead. I’m his biggest fan.”

Now that Robyn is graduating this April, she looks back on her experiences here at FSU and believes her experience has made her a stronger person on and off the field. Her time at FSU has taught her that there is more to life than sports and you only live once, so you might as well enjoy it. She knows that she will miss her teammates on the FSU softball team but she knows life has much more in store for her.

“I know I’m ready to start my life,” said Robyn. “I know that I’m ready, and I don’t want to take a semester off because I know I probably wont go back. I’d like to start of with a really good internship or go ahead and get my masters.”

This athlete, majoring in sports management, has set her goals high. Long term she would like to be an athletic director at a junior college or high school. Short term she would like to get her masters and intern with a sports organization. Coincidently her brother is currently in the athletics industry as a coach and teacher. As you can see Robyn comes from a strong family support system that has affected her in numerous ways. No need for a lucky charm when you have the mixture of family support and endless encouragement Robyn has always known.

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