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FSU’s Seniors Practice For The Last Time In Tallahassee

Dec. 21, 2006


  • Florida State wrapped-up its Emerald Bowl practices in Tallahassee today with an 18 period, full-pad practice that included a full scrimmage in Doak S. Campbell Stadium.

  • At the conclusion of practice, head coach Bobby Bowden named quarterback Drew Weatherford the starter for the UCLA game.

  • The team worked for the first 11 periods on the practice fields. Practice began with special teams work and both units worked versus UCLA scout teams. The quarterbacks and wide receivers practiced pass routes as well.

  • The last seven periods were spent on Bobby Bowden Field. In pass skeleton Lawrence Timmons and Jamie Robinson each broke up passes. Xavier Lee connected on a big passes to Robert Hallback and Richard Goodman. Weatherford and Caz Piurowski connected for a big gain also.

  • In the scrimmage Bud Thacker and Everette Brown each recorded sacks and Darius McClure registered a tackle for loss. Tony Carter returned a blocked field goal for a TD but kicker Gary Cismesia later rebounded hitting his second field goal try of the scrimmage. In his last ever practice in Tallahassee, running back Lorenzo Booker broke off a big run for the offense.

  • In goal line, Lee and Chris Davis hooked up on a TD and Greg Carr also caught a jump ball in the corner of the end zone. The offensive also pounded a short yardage TD in on a goal line run.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden


“That was our last practice here [in Tallahassee].  Leave at 11:00am tomorrow and head to [San Francisco].  We may have a walk through when we get there.”


“We scrimmaged about 24 plays today to let them get a taste of it.  It’s been so long since they’ve done any scrimmaging.  They looked ragged, but that’s typical being out as long as we’ve been out.  We’ll probably get a little more of that when we get out there.”


Bowden on the team’s focus this week:

“This team has done everything we’ve asked them to do.  They’ve worked hard, they’ve showed up and been on time.  The attitudes have been really good this year.  We just need to win a close game.”


On the decision to start Weatherford:

“I’ve watched him all week, I wanted to let him compete all week to see if I thought there ought to be a change.  After practicing all week I still think he ought to be starting.”


On whether the plan for Xavier is the same as it’s been:

“As of right now there’s no plan.  It could be before the game we decide to do something.  But right now there’s no plan but to go out and play the doggone ballgame and plan to win and do whatever you have to do to win.” 


On the importance of winning the game to get a good start for next season:

“I think it’s more important to get a good ending to this year.  That’s what you’d like for the seniors it’s the last game at Florida State and like them, you’d sure like to win that last game if you can.  It does give you some momentum going into next year.”



Offensive Tackle Mario Henderson


On UCLA’s defense:

“The first time I watched UCLA was against USC this year.  I wasn’t looking at their records but the way they played was good, especially on defense.  I was in my chair excited but at that time I didn’t know we’d be playing UCLA and I was hoping they’d lose and they go and beat USC.  That’s one of those games I watched straight through and it was fun. They’re good.”


Linebacker Buster Davis


On going up against a PAC 10 team:

“We spent as much on films as we would for any other team.  This is my first time playing a PAC 10 team, but it’s not different than any other team.”


On spending the holiday in California and away from family:

“For the first four years guys like Lorenzo (Booker) weren’t close to his family so I guess the tides have turned.  That’s just what we were dealt.”


On the challenges FSU’s defense facing against UCLA’s offense:

“No challenges really, it’s just like any other team.  You study them and look at their tendencies and try to break them down.  You try to call the best plays for what they’re going to try to do.”


On the importance of beating UCLA as a senior:

“It’s very important.  We want to go out 7-6, it’s not the best record in the world but it’s a winning record.  No one wants to leave Florida State as a loser, you want to win.”


Quarterback Drew Weatherford


On being named the starting quarterback:

“Of course I am really excited to get another opportunity to go out and play and be the starting quarterback at Florida State. I am just looking forward to taking advantage of it.”


Wide Receiver Chris Davis


On his last FSU practice in Tallahassee:

“It’s the last time being out with the guys and being in Doak Campbell, it’s a crazy feeling. Its finishing up and you know you are going to miss it.”

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