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Game Day Traffic Patterns

Game Day Traffic Patterns

Four ½ hours before game time the Tallahassee Police Department will modify traffic patterns approaching the Doak Campbell Stadium.  St. Augustine Street will be modified as a two-way street for the Spirit Express, and Stadium Drive, Jefferson Street west of Woodward, and Pensacola Street west of Macomb Street, will be modified to allow inbound traffic only to the stadium and ADA parking on Stadium Drive.

After the game, the Spirit Express route will remain active, and Stadium Drive, Pensacola Street, Gaines Street, Jefferson Street, and St. Augustine Street will be modified for outbound traffic.

All fans are reminded to plan ahead and arrive early to ensure you arrive in time for kickoff.  Remember to be patient – law enforcement will work hard to facilitate your arrival and departure from the game.




 (See Lot 14 post game traffic route for more details)

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