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Game Five Postgame Quotes

June 5, 2004

UCF Head Coach Jay Bergman
“There’s really nothing to say. The game spoke for itself. It would have been so easy after the disappointing loss in the afternoon to Florida State in the 3-2 game to just pack it in but our kids chose the other alternative. You really have to commend them. I don’t remember a situation in all my years of coaching where I had a team that just laid it out there all day long. My hat is off to them. I didn’t coach. They just played and did a great job.”

UCF C Ryan Bono
“I was just really trying to make solid contact with runners on first and second. I just wanted to hit a single, really. He started me off with a couple of tough pitches he was throwing me and then he came with a fastball up and in. Luckily I turned on it and it did well for me. I am really excited about it. That is the biggest hit of my life so far. It was a big win tonight and I enjoyed it. It moves us onto the championship game and it has really picked us up. I hope we can do it tomorrow and win two games.”

Oklahoma State Head Coach Frank Anderson
“I thought we competed very hard. I didn’t think we gave up at all during the course of the game. It came down to extra innings and obviously they got the big hit, but I was proud of the way our kids competed and came back obviously late in the game and got back into it. I didn’t think we ever gave in and I was proud of the way we fought to the end out there.”

“I thought we had some opportunities early to score some runs where we left guys on and we didn’t make the best of our opportunities. Obviously, as you look over the course of the game, it ended up being a big part in the game. We didn’t capitalize on situations early where I felt like where we’re not going to put it out of reach but we could have extended the game a little bit and made them play from behind.”

On rain-delay:
“I think it kind of gave us a lift, because right there at that point, we went kind of into a lull and I actually thought it kind of gave us a lift, gave us a chance to rejuvenate ourselves, kind of get it together and we came out a little more excited and we competed at a pretty high level. I thought that was actually good for us.”

“I didn’t think we played at a real high level offensively throughout the whole tournament. We were kind of out of sync in a way. We’d bunt people over and then take call third and do some crazy stuff.”

Oklahoma State 2B Rusty Ryal
“I had some rough at bats early on. It wasn’t a lack of focus, you just got to step up sometimes. That’s baseball, you’re going to have those kind of games. J.J. (Jason Jaramillo) had a rough game. He had two good games before today. That’s baseball, you guys know that.”

“We left a lot of guys on base. We had opportunities to score early. I think I stranded a small village.”

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