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June 6, 2004

Dick Howser Stadium

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin
“Playing three games in 24 hours, the second game obviously just got out of control where they were with their pitching staff and everybody else would have been in that situation, we were able to take advantage of it with some very good hitting. I felt that (Brian) Schultz did an outstanding job today. The freshman certainly didn’t pitch like a freshman. We’re all so excited about tomorrow for these guys. We know that our goal has not yet been accomplished, but this is one of the most satisfying moments of my 25 years.”

“The challenge that the young men took on when we lost a very key member of our team the first day of class (No. 1 Pitcher – Marc LaMacchia) and we lost another key member during the month of May when we lost Hunter (Jones) and we loss this guy (Stephen Drew) for three weeks during the season and just to see the group play like we have the last six weeks is a credit to these guys, but it is also a credit to the other 22 guys and Jamie Shouppe, Mike Martin Jr. and Mike Futrell. That’s always the challenge when adversity strikes, being able to overcome it and these young men did a great job of it.”

Florida State SS Stephen Drew:
“Obviously our mindset was to win the game. Me, Zech and Sauls have been here at least two years now and the other teammates on the team and we’ve got new guys and as the leaders on the team we’re trying to pull everyone together and play as hard as we can, just like in the ACC and you have to give credit to our entire team and the pitching staff and our coaches for the way we’ve been playing. Hopefully we can go off to the Super Regional and pull off a few more victories. I’ve been here three years now and not once have we been to Omaha so hopefully the third time is the charm.”

Florida State 2B Bryan Zech
“Everyone was pretty ticked off that we lost that first game and we put it behind us. A loss is a loss. We put it behind us right away and went on from there.”

On Gibbs Chapman’s catch in the bottom of the third:
“That was really big for us, that’s what we needed. Diving catches and great plays will pick your team up all the time. We came up that next inning got on top and rolled from there.”

UCF Head Coach Jay Bergman
“First of all, I want to congratulate the baseball team of Florida State for a championship very well deserved. I want to thank the people at Florida State for everything they did. We had lightning, rain and everything else and got the games in and other than that, I just wanted to say how proud I was of our baseball team. Playing three games within 24 hours and playing until 1:00 in the morning … we played a great game but we just ran out of pitching. That was all there was to it. We’ve enjoyed our stay here this year. Hopefully we’ll be back next year.”

“In our conference, our conference coaches picked us to be third in the conference. We won the regular season by five or six games in the loss column. With the team came back from a 31-26 disappointing year last year, they had everybody come back and commit themselves to becoming better, not only in the conference but in postseason play as well and to get three wins here and to have beaten Florida State, that’s how important it is to stay out of the loser’s bracket in these tournaments. But, extremely proud of them and what they’ve been able to do and the university that they represent. It was a pretty dadgum good year for us and I’m proud.”

UCF LF Dee Brown
On strong hitting performance:
“Well, coming into the tournament, I wasn’t trying to do anything special, I was just trying to do anything it took to help the team and I got good pitches to hit and I hit them. Other than that, I didn’t do anything special or out of the ordinary.

On home run:
It basically drifted out. I didn’t think it was going out at first, but the wind just kept pushing it out.”

UCF CF Clay Timpner
On first win today:
“Everybody was pumped up and still ready to win. We worked hard in the offseason and we weren’t ready to let down. We just wanted to keep battling, just trying to survive. We wanted to win.”

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