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Game Six: Postgame Quotes

June 6, 2011

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Head Coach Mike Martin

Opening Statement

“I don’t know when I’ve spent a night in 32 years in which I was an anxious because of the fear of losing an 8-1 lead.  Thankfully, the players didn’t know anything about it, they went out there – of course Scotty (Sitz) just controlled the ball game.  We were in total control of the ball game and now we are waiting 10-12 hours before we play again and that was a very anxious moment for me but I am very, very pleased at the way we played. 


“The first play of the sixth inning for us that Sherman (Johnson) and JB (Jayce Boyd) made just relaxed all of us.  Sherman made an excellent play on the back end stop and JB made a great play at first base.  That just set the tone for the next 54 minutes.  It was one of the fastest four innings we have played all year.  I have to credit our young men, they have worked all year.  The University of Alabama is a great program, they are a class bunch, it was fun competing against them, they play the game right.  Things just happened to go our way the last couple of days.  I am very proud of our baseball team.” 


Starting Pitcher Mike McGee

On the beginning of Sunday’s rain delay

“It was definitely frustrating at times.  I really wanted to get through the sixth. I made it through the fifth last time and I think the fourth or fifth the time before.  I wanted to make it through the sixth to kind of start that kind of rhythm.  I wanted to get through that inning but after we made that play (today) and got that quick out I was fine with it.” 


On Scott Sitz’s Performance

“He (Sitz) was pounding the zone and not giving them a chance to get a rally going.  He was making them put the ball in play and he did a really good job of just getting out there and knowing what he had to do and getting it done.” 


Relief Pitcher Scott Sitz

On finishing the game after a night of rain delays

“I totally did not know at first.  Then coach Shouppe called later that night and told me.”


Right Fielder James Ramsey

On the team’s success in the regional

“I just love playing with these guys.  You are never guaranteed tomorrow so when you get out here in a fun situation like this – postseason baseball – you are just trying to make the most of it.  We had a lot of smiling faces in the dugout all weekend and that just keeps the pressure off.  You realize that if you get out the guy behind you is going to be just as successful.  You saw this weekend I have the guys Mike McGee and Jayce Boyd in front and behind me and I can go all the way down the list today and yesterday.”



Alabama Head Coach Mitch Gaspard

Opening statement

“First of all we’d like to congratulate Florida State, thought they were tremendous over the last two ballgames and played extremely well. It was a really good year, we went through a lot, had a lot of injuries. Our team really improved throughout the course of the year and obviously made a run deep into the regional. This game in particular goes back to two nights ago, we weren’t built with our pitching staff, just didn’t have the depth due to those injuries to come through a loser’s bracket. I thought our guys competed and battled extremely hard all the way to the end and couldn’t be more proud of this group.”


On expectations and success of this year’s team

“I think when you look back to last year and finishing in a Super Regional we had an older and more experienced team compared to this year’s. This was a rebuilt team, losing our two-through-six hitters in our lineup and some frontline pitchers made things difficult at times. What I’m most proud about with this team was that it was a real team, we aren’t going to have a top pick in the draft but we have a lot of players that love one another and the staff. Obviously going back to the tornado is something we all had to deal with along with the community and it showed a real spirit and character about this team that really bonded and moved forward as the season went on, I was very proud to coach this team.”


Alabama outfielder Taylor Dugas

On coming back today to finish game with seven run deficit

“Being down seven was pretty tough, we knew we needed to put some hits together and FSU did a great job coming right at us and locating down in the zone. We swung the bats pretty well but it wasn’t easy starting in such a hole.”


Alabama shortstop Jared Reaves

On the Alabama tornadoes and the effect on the team and season

“That day isn’t one we like to look back on, but after it happened we sort of came together and win for the team and city. It made it closer and we put it all on the table.”


On if reaching the regional championship was a successful season

“Yes, looking back to opening day it’s difficult to go out like this. Our main goal was to make it to Omaha but making it to this game would still make this season a success.”

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