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Garnet and Gold Game

April 8, 2006

Garnet and Gold Game

Coach/Player Quotes




(Opening comments)

“I thought they had a really good spring; I think that all the boys that were able to participate got better, I feel like they all improved. The good thing is we didn’t get rained out because there was a good chance of that. What we were going to do was we were going to start at two and if rained we’d wait until three. If at three we couldn’t get out, then that was going to be the end of spring training because we didn’t feel like we’d accomplish anything going after that.



“The defense did so much better today against the run, they had a much better day against the run and that’s not a bad sign there. The scrimmage was probably even except for two interceptions that stacked up to a lot of points – especially the one for the touchdown – so that’s good. Big players make big plays, and a couple of those guys made some big plays. It was a pretty doggone good spring I thought.


“I think our fullbacks might have been our leading receivers, I don’t know. We had some nice catches by them and they did some good things.”


(On the play of newcomer Myron Rolle)

“Well he’s raised his stock, but has he raised his stock enough to pass the guy in front of him? I don’t know yet. But the thing he has shown us is that all we read must be true.”


(On quarterback Drew Weatherford’s interception being his first turnover of the spring)

“I wish he could have gotten by without that, I guess that’s asking too much. He has improved compared to last spring, you can see a whole lot of improvement . . . when he was in there things happened.”



(Opening Comments)

“In the beginning of the scrimmage, I started out kind of rough. It rained, my head was full, there were so many people out here and Coach Andrews got on me a little bit, he yelled at me and I think that woke me up a little bit. I just started making plays and I saw the ball go up and I just made the interception and took it back to the house and I was very happy with that.”


(On whether he is surprised at his success so far)

“Not really. I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but I just always had confidence in my abilities to play at this level. I was telling people earlier, all of the coaches that were recruiting me in high school told me I had good potential physically but that it was just the mental part that I would have to catch up with. That’s why I have Coach Andrews here to help me make this transition as easy as possible and get to that point where I can start making plays. I think that’s what I’ve reached right now.”



(On winning the Hinesman “Most Dominant”)

I am glad to get the award.  I put a lot of hard work into the spring and it paid off because I got the Hinesman award so I’m very happy and thankful. 


(On his role)

I think my role on the team is going to be pretty big this year.  I have been out here working hard and doing what I need to do, scoring touchdowns and stuff.  Hopefully in the fall…everything will work out for the best.


(On the defense’s domination today)

I think the defense had our script today.  We couldn’t do anything.  Every time we tried to run three or four people would be there every time.  So, I think they had the script.  But that is part of playing football……you are going to get stopped and you can’t get through them all.


(On his thoughts)

Basically when I first came [here] all I wanted was the opportunity to show what I do and what I did in high school.  I am very happy now. 



(On winning the Hinesman “Most Dominant”)

Winning the Hinesman award is very important to me because it shows I made a commitment to the team this spring.  There are a lot of players on our team that were deserving of this honor so I take a lot of pride in earning this award.


(On the spring)

I think the defense did a really good job the entire spring and today we came out and just wanted to have fun with the experience.  Overall, the spring went really well.  We started out slow but really sped it up throughout the semester.  We focused on what coach said and put it together and won the scrimmage.


(On stopping the offense)

In the past there has been a problem with the defense allowing a big play to happen.  We made sure not to let that happen and took a lot of pride in the fact no one was able to sneak through with a big play. 












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