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Garnet and Gold Runs Deep Spring Game Weekend

April 17, 2012

By Jonathan Schillace

Saturday at four the Spring Game began, but so much happened before.

“We put together all these events this weekend and there was 1000 people registered on a Friday,” says Jerry Kutz, “Tonight we’ll have a big crowd and there is so much enthusiasm. It’s helpful to sell season tickets, to fill Doak, and for our team to have a successful year.”

Friday fans that renewed their season tickets were able to walk on the field, toss a football, take pictures, and see the stadium from a different view. And for some fans they were able to live a child hood dream.

“It’s a great experience to come out here and see the field from the other side because it’s been a lot of years going to school here, it’s been a lot of years looking out here from the stands so it’s kind of like coming out here getting the awe factor.” says James Neiford.

It didn’t end there, fans formed a tunnel for the team to lead them out to the Unconquered statue. Coach Jimbo Fisher then sparked the flame of the unconquered. But for the football team to have continued success, fans like Larry Strom know it’s going to take more than just season tickets to help the team out.

“There are two things we need, one is the indoor practice facility and the other is housing for the athletes and we are working on both of those” says Larry Strom, “In order to come to the top, he needs to have the tools and that’s our job to get him the tools and let him coach.”

Concerts shortly followed. Dualing Pianos and Lee Bryce rounded out the night of events put on by the seminole boosters. But the weekend wasn’t over quite yet. Fans who haven’t had season tickets were able to walk the stadium and pick out a spot that they wanted. Reasons for buying varied but there was no variance in the feeling of being inside a packed Doak Campbell.

“There is no other feeling in the world. There is nothing that can compare to it,” says Howard Bolton, ” I just hope they can finish in the top, it’s been a while since we’ve had a national championship and I think with the stadium and the fans and the players we have now, I believe we have a good shot at it.”

The weekend of events wrapped up with some great eats at the fourth annual Best of Tallahassee Bar-b-que Contest. The Spring Game Weekend brought a lot of excitement for fans and you can still join in by logging on to seminoles.com and purchasing season tickets or by calling the ticket office at 1888fsunole and making sure this place is rocking in 2012.

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