April 13, 2018

๐Ÿ“ธ: Garnet vs. Gold: Community Service

On the Friday prior to the Spring Game, the Garnet and Gold teams gave back to the community.

The Garnet team visited Riley Elementary and ran football drills with students while the Gold team lifted the spirits of sick children and their families along with the staff at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

The Garnet team smiles for a group photo

DJ Matthews gives instructions with students

Levonta Taylor and Naseir Upshur help the kids with tackling

Deonte Sheffield gets an infant to settle while visiting with his parents

Alex Marshall gives out instructions

The group breaks it down

The group visits with a young lady

Mike Arnold gives out some tips on how to run a route

A student goes all out in tackling

A little boy talks with the Noles on how much he likes chocolate cake

Josh Ball holds a baby while Josh Kaindoh, Johnathan Vickers and Wally Aime try and get him to smile

The group poses with a young FSU fan

Stanford Samuels III lines up for DB drills

George Campbell smiles with an FSU fan

Johnathan Vickers, Josh Ball, AJ Westbrook and Adonis Thomas drop in to say hello to a young FSU fan

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