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Seminole Stars Graduate in December

Student-athletes emphasize student with diplomas.

January 28, 1999

Even more important than an athletes performance on the fields, courts, tracks, pools, etc. is their performance in the classroom. The ultimate prize for each student-athlete is that they maximize their opportunity to obtain one of the finest academic degrees in the country. Graduation is one of the most signficant, and important, steps in their lives. The following student-athletes received diplomas in December.

Congratulations to:

Rachel Amman      Swimming    Multi-national Business
Megan Bradley     Swimming    Real Estate
Susan Hawks       Volleyball  Psychology
Myron Jackson     Football    Sports Management
Sarah King        Softball    Criminology
Cindy Marion      Swimming    Communications
Misty Molin       Softball    Criminology
Billy Rhodes      Football    Social Science
Rikke Ronholt     Track       International Affairs
Demetro Stephens  Football    SportsManagement
Nicole Singleton  Track       Interior Design
Matt Woodward     Baseball    Baseball

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