November 11, 2021
Get to “NOLE” Avery Weisbrook


Class in school: Biology
Color: Yellow
Store: Garage
Book: Turtles All The Way Down
TV Show:  Spongebob
Drink: Sweet Tea
Snack: Extra  Cheddar Goldfish
Hobbies: Cooking and Art
Animal: Fox
Personal Item: Pengy
Athlete: Steph Curry
Sport (not softball): Volleyball
Car: 1975 Ford Bronco
Social Media Platform: Instagram
Music: Alternative
Movie: It
Food: Sushi
Dessert: Ice Cream
Place to visit: Hawaii
FSU Tradition: War Chant


A bucket list item of mine is: I have a whole book of bucket list ideas that I made when I was 13. One thing on that list is to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas.

After graduation, I’d like to: Travel the world as much as I can. I would also love to coach.

Get to “NOLE” Avery Weisbrook
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