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Getting Down To Business, Seminoles Start To Prepare For Jacket Attack

Oct. 28, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – It was cold Tuesday in Tallahassee as the 16th-ranked Seminoles started to aim their focus on Paul Johnson’s Georgia Tech squad. While dealing with Tech’s unique offensive attack has garnered a lot of attention, the game could come down to how the young FSU offensive line deals with one of the most talented front fours in the nation. The Seminole coaches started to implement their plan to deal with both of those problems earlier today.



·          Most of practice was spent with both the offense and defense working versus scout teams.

·          1-on-1 took place inside the 20 and E.J. Manuel found Louis Givens for a TD. Ochuko Jenije broke up the only pass by a DB.

·          In pass rush Rodney Hudson dominated as usual with four wins. Ryan McMahon, David Spurlock, Antwane Greenlee, Zebrie Sanders and A.J. Ganguzza all got wins as well. For the defense Kendrick Stewart had three sacks, Paul Griffin got to the QB twice while Everette Brown and Markus White also got sacks.

·          In skeleton, Christian Ponder and Preston Parker connected four times. One came on a deep ball and the other ended with a big run after the catch. Ponder also completed passes to Taiwan Easterling and Caz Piurowski. D’Vontrey Richardson had completions to Josh Dobbie, Givens and Jermaine Thomas.

·          The defense did a good job in 11-on-11. Patrick Robinson and Jenije broke up passes, White swatted a ball down at the line and Nigel Bradham had a QB pressure. Carlton Jones, Thomas and Weatherford all had nice runs. Ponder completed passes to Piurowski and two to Rod Owens. He also went deep for a TD to Reed.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“Today’s the first full day we’ve had of working against the wishbone and we’ve got a lot of work to do, can tell that. We’ve got to a lot more done tomorrow and the next day to be sure we’re handling correctly. Had a pretty good practice. Deuce worked about a third of the practice and then got treatment the rest of the time. Should be ready to go tomorrow. This time of year you’re gonna have that.”


On the scout team running the wishbone:

“It is difficult. That’s where it is so doggone tough. Your scout team is trying to execute an offense and then Georgia Tech will run it about twice as fast as the scout team can do it. If you noticed last week against Virginia, Tech got a 14-0 lead on them. Then they begin to get the feel of it. You just hope you don’t take long to get the feel of it. You get out there practice and everything’s in there tight then you get in the game and that thing gets way out yonder, you know? It’s hard for the scouts to go out there and give you what Georgia Tech will give us.”


DE Everette Brown

On today’s practice:

“We had a good day at practice. Preparing for Georgia Tech is not your every week offense that you’ll face. There’s more assignment football, more of everybody being disciplined and knowing what to do. But so far it’s been good but we’ve got to watch film room more and learn as much as we can about them before Saturday. We’re just coming off of a good weekend and working hard. “


On how to prepare for the cut from Georgia Tech’s offense:

“Well we’ve been getting cut some all season, nothing like we’re going to see Saturday. They do a cutting job. Down the field they’re cutting, you’ll see five guys getting cut on one play and they’ll be third and 19 and they’ll run the ball because they believe in their system. It’s going to be important for us to do our responsibility.”


WR Greg Carr

On the offense’s progression:

“We’re just trying to pay attention to everything we do out there and do everything together as a team. Everybody’s trying to work hard and work as an offense and really try to get things going together because we know that is when we are at our strongest, when we’re together.”


Carr on facing Georgia Tech:

“It’s going to be very big. We just have to go out there and execute and play football like they coach us to play football and just really pay attention to the things we’re putting in this week and what we’re going to do. And just really rely on our coaches and what we’re coached to do and go out there and play football.”


Carr on playing in Atlanta for the first time since 2002:

“It’s very exciting because it’s our first time coming out there. It’s a new chance and new opportunities so you want to go out there and play to the best of your abilities.”


WR Bert Reed

On the importance of the offense getting out to a good start against Georgia Tech:

“Coach is stressing that this week. We haven’t been getting off to a great start in the first quarter and second quarter. But we’re going to try to get off to a good start this week.  [Georgia Tech] is a good team and we know we’ve got to do something when we get the ball because we probably won’t have that many possessions with that offense.”


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