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Getting To Know Federica Suess

March 15, 2011

By Monica Caday, Intern

Her coaches and teammates simply call her “Fede”. Federica Suess has called Tallahassee home for nearly four years now, ever since she left Ludwigshafen, Germany to come play tennis at Florida State. It’s never easy for a teenager to leave home for the first time to go off to college, let alone leave home to go to school on the other side of the world. However, what most people don’t know is that Federica Suess is a free spirit, one who is not afraid to chase her dreams and live her days to the fullest.

So who exactly is Federica Seuss? She is a person with tremendous respect for her teammates, a passion for life, and a tremendous athlete. As the oldest of three girls, Suess was the first one from her family to leave home for college.

“I came here for tennis,” said Suess. “I didn’t visit any schools, so it was mostly based on the opinion of a friend of mine who had attended school here and played a little before me. She told me a little about it obviously, but given that together with the coaches and the teammates here, it was an easy choice for me.”

Suess has achieved a lot during the four years she has played for Florida State, proving herself to be a competitive and gifted athlete in the sport of collegiate women’s tennis. She finished her freshman year with an outstanding 31-9 singles record, including two in the ACC Tournament against Boston College and Miami, as well as securing the eighth place spot in the Seminoles’ top ten dual match single season win’s percentage list.

Following an amazing freshman campaign, there was no sophomore slump as Suess posted a record of 27-10 in singles her sophomore year, and 26-18 her junior year including a six-match winning streak. Going into her senior season, Suess had 84 career wins in singles, the sixth most in program history, and well within reach of the all-time record of 102 set by departed seniors Lauren McCreless and Jessica Sucupira.

With so much success and praise in her sport, it is hard to see the unique person behind the tennis racket. Suess is a terrific student, majoring in Hospitality, and was recently awarded an ACC Post Graduate Scholarship Award for her success in the classroom. When she is not hitting the books, or tennis ball, Suess has another unique skill not many people know about.

“Noemie and I both have motorcycles,” Suess said. “She has a Harley, I have a Suzuki chopper. I’ve been riding since I was 16, but back then I had a smaller one. When I came to Tallahassee I got a bigger one.”

Suess is also extremely close with her teammates, which has become a second family for her.

“The team is a very tight knit group of friends; our group is made up of students from all over the world, including Germany and Italy,” said Suess. “The girls consider one another family and try to spend as much time over each other’s houses as their busy schedules allow them, often times cooking up a good meal for good company.”

While the hospitality major is considered by many of her teammates to be the team’s best chef, Suess keeps a modest opinion about herself in the kitchen.

“I’m not really a good cook, or I wouldn’t say that we (fellow hospitality major Noemie Scharle) are good cooks, but we are all students, so the one who can cook the filet a little bit better is considered to the good cook, I guess. It’s not anything special. I just like having home cooked food better than going out to a restaurant.”

So whether it’s beating her opponents on the court, riding her motorcycle around campus, or cooking up a delicious meal for her teammates, Federica Suess is a person of many talent’s, and one that certainly has and will leave a memorable mark on the Florida State women’s tennis program.

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