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Getting to Know Izzy Carmona

Nov. 15, 2013

In just her first season as a Seminole, rookie Izzy Carmona has been a vital asset to the right side hitting as she’s swung for 142 kills, averaging 2.0 per set. Recently, we took the time to get to know the Titusville, Fla. native and what life has been like for her here in Tallahassee.


What has this season been like for you so far?

“It’s been good. There have been a few rough parts and it’s been challenging but we’re all getting along and getting better as the season goes on.”


Is the tough schedule something that’s appealing to you?

“Yeah. I like the challenge.”


What are some things on this team that could spark a post season run?

“We all really get along and I think we’re doing much better when we’re on the court. When we are all on our game, we flow really well together. We just need to find that for the post-season and I think we can go far. There are a lot of teams that could win it all, but the team that is on will win everything.  I remember on my club team, there were pretty much eight teams that could have won the whole thing, but the team that ended up winning it all just got hot at the right time. It’s how it is.”


What was it like to get your first ACC Freshman of the Week honor?

“I was really happy about it. One of my goals was to at least get one for the year. I wasn’t expecting it, but I was glad I got it because I worked really hard that week and I thought I played well.”

Talk about some of the experiences you have this year playing at Tully Gym.

“It’s really fun. I love how it’s always packed.”


What was your first football game like?

“It was against Miami and I picked my outfit out so far in advance. I’ve never been to and FSU one before and it was really exciting.”


What are your goals for your career?

“I would love to work for the NBA. I love it.”


Why did you pick that path?

“Because of Kevin Garnett. I love him. He’s the reason why I work hard. The way he thinks of things and there is no one else that works harder than him. He doesn’t take a play off. I wish I could be like him. He’s just my hero. I love him.”


If you could have any of your senses be a super-sense which one would it be?

“I would say hearing so I could listen to people talk.” 

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