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Getting To Know: Korina Rosario

There are several new members of the Florida State softball family for the 2014-15 season. Over the course of the remaining months leading up to Opening Day, we will be doing a “Getting To Know” series to introduce the new freshmen and transfer students to Seminole fans. Today, we will be talking with Korina Rosario, a freshman outfielder and pitcher from Pensacola, Fla.

What has your freshman year been like so far?
It has been a lot to get used to. I talked to the upperclassmen at the beginning and asked them, ‘How was your freshman year? How was the fall?’ They told me basically what I am going through right now. Just getting used to classes and all the conditioning and practices, but it’s been really fun. It’s been a lot but I’ve learned a lot with practicing and everything.

How has your time at FSU differed from your expectations?
It’s actually equaled out, I think. I was really excited coming here and I was excited to be with the family atmosphere of the team. It is exactly how I thought it would be with the teammates and everyone is friendly and everyone takes you under their wing. With school, the classes are a little harder so I have to put more work into them, and that’s what I’ve been doing. I think it’s been really good so far.

If you could live at any time in history, when would it be?
Probably 200 years in the future. I think it would be really cool to see how everything has changed. You know, looking back at how things were 100 years ago, I bet people never imagined it would be how it is now. It could be ten times different a couple hundred years from now. That would be interesting to see.

If you could learn any skill, what would it be?
Probably to sing. I always try to sing, and I can dance kind of, but I try singing and it is awful. I’m always like, ‘Man, I wish I could sing.’

What made you choose Florida State?
Definitely the atmosphere and the coaches. Florida State, as a whole, I’ve always heard good things about this school. When I came on my official visit, it was like, and I know people say ‘family’ all the time, but that’s basically how it is. That’s how I felt because I am really close with my family so I knew when I came here that they would be like my second family. And so far that’s exactly how it has been. I’m really glad I chose this school.

Describe an event or person that has helped shape who you are:
My dad. He has been coaching me since the first time I ever played a game. He taught me how to throw. He was the coach the first year I played and he’s been a coach of every single team I’ve played. He’s been with me through everything. Practices, games, he’s never missed one of my games. I just know he’s always there for me. He can definitely push me and make me work harder. He’s always been there.

What is your favorite memory from playing softball?
Winning the state championship my senior year. Oh my gosh, it was so crazy. Our season, we went 22-1 and I pitched every single game and it was great. But in the state finals, we were down 5-1 with two outs in the seventh inning and came back to win 6-5 and it was amazing.

Our number nine hitter was up and we had been trying all season to get her to bunt down the first baseline. And she lays down a perfect bunt down the first baseline on the first pitch, so she’s on. Two outs, runner on first. Top of the lineup, our number one hitter always gets on, so she got on with a base hit. First and second now, number two up to bat and she hits a hard groundball to the third baseman and she bobbles it.

Bases loaded and I came up with two outs. I fouled off maybe six or seven pitches and it was so nerve-racking. I ended up hitting a ball between short and third and the shortstop ran to the side, fielded it but I was running so fast – I don’t think I’ve ever run that fast before – and she made a bad throw off to the side and the first baseman jumped over and it tipped off her glove. So it was 5-3 with runners on first and third. Our number four came up and she just hits a shot to right center and I score from first. So it is 5-5 with a runner on second. And Ali Cutaio comes up, oh my gosh, and she fouled off the first ball, and the second pitch she hits a little line drive over to right field and KG scores from second. We flew out of the dugout so fast, it was the craziest thing. Everyone was so happy. It was so unbelievable.

What are things you like to do for fun or relax outside of sports or school?
Well, where I’m from, I live about two minutes from the beach. So I’m definitely a beach girl. I like to skimboard and swim and anything that involves water or being outside. I’m always outside with my sisters or I’m always doing something with my dad or mom. I like being out doing stuff, I don’t like sitting around watching TV.

What are you most looking forward to this season?
Definitely seeing how different the game is. Because from the fall, I’ve got a little different perspective how college is different from high school and everything. I think it is going to be cool to be a part of something a step above everything else. Stepping up and seeing if I have what it takes to play at a higher level and get a feel for what it is and what it is like to be a part of Florida State Softball. Especially because last season they went so far and being a part of that and potentially being able to help my team and get to places like that or even further, that just seems really big to me.

What would you like to do for a career after college?
I definitely want to do something with sports. In high school, I was in a Sports Med class and my teacher was the athletic trainer for all the sports and she taught me a lot that would be helpful if I went into that field. Sports management, too. I just think it would be cool to be on the sidelines and helping players and treating people. That would be a dream job of mine. 

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