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Getting to Know: Lauren Harris

Oct. 9, 2013

Lauren Harris had the honor of having her high school jersey retired at Harmony High

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1. Considering you are a freshman, what has the bond been like so far with this newcomer class?
Everyone is pretty awesome. We all have our different personalities but we all get along very well. We go out and do things with each other, we go shopping with each other and we get along really well. One of the times we went to the reservation. We have a lot of fun together, especially in the dorms. We’ll have a movie night and watch movies and eat popcorn. We’ve watched “Salt” and “The Last House on the Left.”

2. One of your role models you said was All-American Lauren Berg. Is it pretty safe to say you’ve been watching softball since you were little?
I started playing travel ball when I was 11 years old and the team I watched when we went to a tournament was the Pride and they were playing some other team. As I first started playing travel ball they stuck me in the outfield and I was always an infielder. I didn’t really like it out there, but I would see at the higher level that there were so many balls hit out there. Laura Berg was diving for everything and throwing people out at the plate, and I was like “Wow that’s really awesome, I want to be just like her.”

3. What have these three coaches been like for you so far? What do they bring to the table?
They’re all really welcoming. Coacha really believes in me and always tells me if I need anything her door is always open. For Coach Snider, he makes you laugh a lot and he tells you jokes and I feel comfortable with him. He’s serious but he doesn’t get to the point where he’s trying to intimidate you. Coach Travis is pretty much like Coach Snider. They’re all real nice.

4.Talk about the influence you had at your high school and having your jersey retired. How special was that for you?
Actually, I had no idea that I was having my jersey retired. We were having our softball banquet and we just got done handing out awards and then we were all about to leave and our coach said we had one more award to give away. I didn’t think much of it because we have a girl on our team that pitched every single game, won every game and helped us pitching-wise. When they brought out both my jerseys I was shocked and speechless. I had tears in my eyes but I was trying to hold them back because I wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara, but it was amazing and I was just really surprised.

5. Is it neat for you to look back and think about all you achieved in high school?
It really is. It’s really awesome. Coming in as a freshman in high school, I never would have thought that I would have gotten my jersey retired and broken the home run record. I never would have thought I would break any of those records. It’s awesome looking back at it because it’s like, “Wow, I really had an amazing career in high school.” Now I can’t wait to see what I do in college.

6.If you were a super hero, which of your friends would be your sidekick, and what would some of your super powers be?
If I could choose one of my friends to be my sidekick, it would probably be my friend Emily; she played softball with me in high school. My superpowers would be … I think it would be pretty cool to freeze people. I think that would be pretty cool. I remember Poison Ivy and some of her super powers would be pretty cool to have too. Maybe make people disappear too.

7. If you could travel 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future, which one would you choose and why?
I would probably travel in the past because I think it would be really cool to see everything back then. I’m a nature girl, so that would be pretty cool.

8. So you’ve already said you are a nature girl and you grew up in a small town. Do you consider yourself just a small-town girl?
I actually own eight chickens and one rooster, and I have a cow. I’ve always been around animals and in the woods. The cow’s name is Chloe, she’s a black angus. My rooster’s name is Clyde and I’ve had him ever since he was three weeks old and we would keep him in my house and he would follow me around. Once he got older and learned how to crow, he knew where my room was and sat up by me and would crow every single morning before school out my window. When he would see my car coming into the driveway, he would run to my car and take off running and once the garage door opened he would run into the garage.

9. This may be a tough question to answer because we would all like to choose both. But, if you had the option to either end all wars or end world hunger, which would you choose?
Probably world hunger, just because it’s sad seeing people starve when you’re watching those commercials and you see people who are skin and bones. I’d want to end world hunger because it’s just really sad.

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