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Getting to Know Sarah Wickstrom

Nov. 21, 2013

You’re leading the team in double-doubles, talk about you and the teams play this season?

“As it’s getting down to the end of the season, I think a lot of things are coming together, where in the beginning it was a little bit of a struggle. Everything is starting to click at the right time and I’m just going to go out there and do my best in order to keep making that happen.”

For two years, you split time with Duygy Duzceler. Now that she graduated, you’re now in that leading and mentoring role with Hailey Luke, just talk about that experience? What do you tell her?

“I tell her that confidence is key. That’s one thing I remember about coming in as a freshman. I had zero confidence and I looked up to Duygu and just knowing that you can go to someone that has experience helps a lot. You don’t want to feel like you have to rely on the coaches – knowing that you’ve had someone that’s been here for a couple of years and in the same position as you, helps a lot. I know exactly what Hailey’s feeling.”

What was the thought process behind your serve song – Bad Girls by M.I.A.?

“That song just pumps me up and that’s exactly what I wanted to feel before I serve. I love that song.”

What goes through your mind whenever you’re making a set?

“A lot of things, actually.  I have to think about who’s hitting on which side, who’s doing really well and who’s the hot hand at the moment and based off the other teams defense. Before (the play) I have something in mind, but at that moment when I need to make the set I could switch it or I could go with my original idea.”

 Who is your favorite target to set?

“I would have to say Elise Walch because when she gets that kill, it is such a powerful hit that can scare everyone. She gets so pumped up and it gets our entire team pumped.”

After those big kills, you always huddle, what do you guys say to each other?

“A lot of times we’re just screaming, no one is even making sense. But we’re just talking to get everyone pumped up and encouraged.”

Is there any one particular moment that you remember in those huddles?

“Oh yeah. The best one of the year happened when we played at Virginia. Sarah Burrington was at the net and got a huge block. If you know Sarah, she’s not an intimidating person, she’s so nice and friendly. She got this block, we’re all going crazy and she turns around and goes `Not on my net!’ and then walked back to serve. We went nuts after that. That was a good moment – not on her net.”

When did you start playing volleyball?

“When I was nine. I started playing with my sister. She started playing before me.”

During your volleyball career when did you realize you wanted to play in college?”

“Probably in my freshman year of high school, after that season. I knew I wanted to play in college.”

What was the last movie you watched?”

About Time. The new one with Rachel McAdams. It was really cute and funny and not too super lovey-dovey. It was good.”

If you could be an animal what would you be?

“Dolphin. They’re cool and smart and in the water.”

If you can visit any place in the World where would you go?

“I’ll say New Zealand. It could be either Australia or New Zealand, but I feel like New Zealand is a little more remote and not super touristy and beautiful.”

Twitter or Facebook?

“I don’t have Twitter, so Facebook.”

What is the best thing about being a student-athlete at FSU?

“Just getting to know all of the other athletes. It’s not just you’re sport, but you automatically have a family with all of the other teams. It’s cool getting to know everyone.”

Other than your uniform, what is the one piece of FSU gear that you can’t live without?

“I would have to say our warm up jackets. I feel like I never dress up for class, so that stuff comes in handy and I love it.”

If there was a fight between a ninja and a pirate who do you think wins and why?

“Ninja, for sure. Pirates aren’t skillful and ninjas are much faster and I just like ninjas a lot better than pirates.”

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