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Hang Clean

Hang Clean

The hang clean is the secondary pull and the scoop phases of the power clean.

  • Starting Position
    – feet shoulder width, toes slightly pointed outward
    – arms straight, just outside legs, knees slightly bent
    – chest is tall, back is flat
    – the bar rests on upper thigh

  • Pulling Motion
    – lower bar to the top of knee caps, keeping chest up and back flat
    – knees slightly bent, shoulders over bar (“cover the bar”)
    – thrust hips upward and forward explosively to a full extension
    – momentum of the bar carries it to lower chest, keep elbows high
    – the bar staying close to the thighs during the whole movement
    – arm stay straight during whole movement

  • Scoop
    – after aggressive ankle extension and shrug, elbows bend pulling the lifter under
    the bar to the point the elbows can roll underneath the bar, allowing it to rest on
    the deltoids

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