June 20, 2020

Happy Father’s Day


Hunter Purdue and Paul

Conor Grady and Thomas

Clayton Kwiatkowski and Thomas

CJ VanEyk and Mike

Chris Ruckdeschel and Michael

Chase Haney and Danny

Bryce Hubbart and Darrin

Brandon Walker and James

Aaron Jensen and Nathan

Tyler Martin and Mike

Reese Albert and Keith

Parker Messick and T.J.

Nico Baldor and Javier

Nander DeSedas and Nander

Mat Nelson and Gary

Kyle McMullen and Scott

Jack Anderson and Peter

Men’s Basketball

M.J.Walker and James


Women’s Basketball

Sara Bejedi and Justin

Morgan Jones and Andrew

Izabela Nicoletti and Walter

Sayawni Lassiter and Uncle Clinton

Savannah Wilkinson and Martin

Amaya Brown and Greg

Sammie Puisis and Ed

Kourtney Weber and Derrick

Valencia Myers and Chris

Beach Volleyball

Payton Caffrey and Brian

Marielle Diaz and Ariel

Madison Fitzpatrick and Michael

Maddie Anderson and William

Kiora Sanchez and Ray

Keara Rutz and Chris

Kate Privett and Kelly

Jenna Johnson and Terry

Erin Murphy and Tom

Cassie Anderson and William

Devan Hultquist and Dwayne

Avery Poppinga and Michael

Ashley Robert and Bob

Alex Hilton and Ryan

Alaina Chacon and Luis


Caleb Ward and Charlie

DeCalon Brooks and Derrick

Amari Gainer and Herb


Fletcher Wunderlich and Eric

Jamie Li and Ray

John Pak and Kwang

Greyson Porter and Greg


Malia Berkely and Todd


Makala Thomas and Troy

Clara Robbins and Don

LeiLanni Nesbeth and Gauntlet

Kristen McFarland and Dan

Kirsten Pavlisko and Steve Morris

Kirsten Pavlisko and Joeseph Pavlisko

Jenna Nighswonger and Jeff

Cristina Roque and Raul

Brooke Bollinger and Brian

Alyssa Conarton and Jerome

Abbey Newton and Mark

Emily Madril and Robert

Gabby Carle and Jean

Heather Payne and Brendan

Kristina Lynch and Greg

Linn Bogren and Stefan

Kaitlyn Zipay and Peter

Lauren Flynn and Chris


Morgan Noah and Bob

Maegan Tomlinson and Hugh

Kiersten Landers and Papaw Jerry

Kiersten Landers and David

Josie Muffley and Scott

Lonni Alameda

Cassidy Davis and Ed

Anna Shelnutt and Ben

Swimming & Diving

Stephanie and Steve Holmes

Darrell and Kile Carriger

Aryanna and Roland Fernandes

Nick Vance and Dan Mason

Paxton and Michael Rhoads

Katherine and Archie Baker

Elise and Jan-Erick Olsen

Track & Field

Taylor Banks and Theron

Steven Cross and Everett

Rebecca Clark and Tim

Rachel Johnson and Drew

Paul Stafford and Jim

Paul Conner and Robin

Maudie Skyring and Tim

Matthew Newland and John

Marc and Erin Phelps

Kelly Aponte and Bob

Kaia Stevenson and Grant

Humberto Freire Jr. and Sr.

Harrison Martingayle and Kevin

Gabriel Curtis and Michael

Ella Swigler and Alan

Elizabeth Funderburk and Darrell

Caleb Pottorff and Chris

Amani Heaven and Donald

Alondra Reyna-Lopez and Jose

Hunter Napier and Mark

David Barney Jr. and Sr.


Taryn Knuth and Jim

Sydney Conley and Mike

Lauryn Burrows and Spencer

Alyssa Collins and Dave

Adrian Ell and Rob

Women’s Golf

Christer and Beatrice Wallin

Tommy and Amy Bond

Women’s Tennis

Victoria Allen and John

Alice Amendola and Stefano

Men’s Tennis

Alex Knaff and Francois

Marcus Walters and Seymour

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