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Happy Mother’s Day: Carly Sits Down With Three Star Moms

May 8, 2005

The following is the seventh installment of Carly’s Corner, conducted by Florida State junior Carly Brieske. Each week throughout the season, the center fielder interviews different people related to the softball program. To view previous stories, visit “Carly’s Corner” on the softball webpage.

I wanted to take this time to honor all the mothers on this Mother’s Day. This is a time to show our appreciation of all the mothers who give so much and whom we hold dear to our hearts. We appreciate all the endless love and support you mothers provide. Here is an interview with some of our star moms (Debbie Brieske, Cindy Riggins, and Patricia Graf). Debbie is my mom, Cindy is strength coach Dwan Riggin’s mom, and Patricia is legendary coach Dr. JoAnne Graf’s mother. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, and may every mothers day wish come true . . .

What was your proudest moment as a mother?

Brieske:Almost everything my daughters do I’m proud of you.

Riggins: When Dwan accepted Jesus Christ as her savior.

Graf: When my two daughters came into the world.

What is your favorite way to spend time with your daughter?

Brieske: Going to the beach.

Riggins: Shopping.

Graf: Watching sports on TV, like football.

What’s something funny you remember about your daughter?

Brieske: When Amber (Carly’s sister) lost a tooth. Carly had a fit because she didn’t want the tooth fairy coming in their room. She was not sleeping in there if the tooth fairy was coming. So she had to sleep with me whenever the tooth fairy came.

Riggins: Dwan has always been athletic where she excelled in basketball, but was always eager and willing to try other sports. While trying track and field she found a new desire to compete and utilize her athletic ability. She was running a race in middle school and had the biggest lead and the thought that no one could compete with her. Giving it all she had while running her heart out she was passed up by another runner and she didn’t win after originally owning a huge lead. However, the look on her face was priceless. She couldn’t believe someone came back and beat her. Needless to say that was the last track event she ever competed in.

“Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, and may every mothers day wish come true . . .”
– Love, Carly

Graf: Joanne used to take all the pots and pans out of the cupboards in the kitchen always wanting to play house, it was quite entertaining.

Coach Graf and her mother Patricia

What is the most memorable milestone you can think of about your daughter?

Brieske: Choosing and attending college at Florida State. I was really excited and proud of my daughter’s decision.

Riggins: When she went off to college and overcame being away from home for the first time.

Graf: Having the softball field named after her.

Which characteristics in your daughter is a reflection of you?

Brieske: Not much. (laughs). Her glowing personality and her communication skills that allows her to reach out to others.

Riggins: Her professional disposition. She is very good at organizing and coordinating things. She has very strong moral standards.

Graf: Organization and her competitive approach to life and athletics.

How did you come up with your daughter’s name?

Brieske: I just liked the name and her middle name is from her grandpa (my dad).

Riggins: There is a movie King Kong King Kong. There is a young lady that starred in it. King Kong captured her. She said her name was once Dawn but she changed it to Dwan for some reason in the movie. I always liked that name from then on.

Graf: She was named after her grandmother (her father’s mother).

As a young child, what were your daughter’s aspirations?

Brieske: In high school, she wanted to be a soccer mom and a baseball wife (laughs).

Riggins: She always wanted to be a pediatrician. She loves children and she aspired to work with people.

Graf:I think she wanted to be an oceanographer.

What invention do you wish you had growing up that your daughter had?

Brieske: Carly is spoiled. I didn’t have anything she had.

Riggins: A car during high school. She had one at an early age.

Graf: A computer and a cell phone to name a few.

If you were granted one wish, want would it be?

Brieske: I want my girls live close to me when they settle down. I would love to always be close to them and their future families, especially when I have grandchildren.

Riggins: I desire to see my children reach their goals. I would love to see her fulfill her dream of being a gospel singer. I would like to help her and become her manager someday.

Graf: That my children be happy.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Coach Riggins and her mom, Cindy

Most memorable time in your life?

Brieske: Our cruise we all went on together. It was my husband, my two daughters and their boyfriends. We went to Mexico, Belize and Grand Caymen Islands. We had a great time together. Shopping and hanging out in Cozumel, Mexico was interesting, and tubing in the caves of Belize was pretty adventurous, and swimming with the sting rays in the Caymen Islands was neat even though Carly didn’t want to be anywhere near the stingrays.

Riggins: When Dwan was first born. She was very different than any child I remember. She had a calling on her life as a child. It was memorable to see her develop her own characteristics and who she was becoming. She was a very unique individual.

Graf: When I went to Ireland with my mother and it had been 50 years since she had been there.

What would be the best mother’s day gift?

Brieske: A European vacation with my daughters, Amber and Carly. They have both been before but promise to take me to Europe some day.

Riggins:A shopping spree of $1,000 at Dillard’s.

Graf:That the team would win the ACC Championship.

Dwan Riggins in Utah

I hope everyone enjoyed hearing from my mom, Dwan’s mom, and Coach Graf’s mom.
My wish is that all you Seminole mothers and fans have a wonderful Mother’s Day!
Please continue all your support and dedication as we enter the ACC Championship!
Go `Noles, Win ACC’s!!!

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