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Hitting All The Fairways With Kayla Shaul

May 11, 2006

Kayla Shaul, a junior on the Seminole women’s golf team, is currently playing in the NCAA East Regional Championship at the Bryan Park Golf Course in Browns Summit, N.C. The Seminoles are in 10th place after the first round and looking forward to earning their way into championship round of the NCAA Tournament with two more strong rounds. Shaul sat down with between the first and second rounds of the tournament and discussed everything from her incredible personality to her amazing outlook on life.

What drew you to Florida State and the Seminole golf team?
I was drawn to Florida State University by many great things including the prestige of the entire university, the
chop, the great golf facilities, and the wonderful the people.

What has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make since your arrival at Florida State?
The biggest adjustment for me is the fact that Florida State is such a large university. The school is so big and I am a major people person. I was a Daytona Beach Community College two years before coming to Florida State. I enjoyed DBCC so much because it was easy to meet everyone and know them well. That has been more challenging here at Florida State but I think I’m doing pretty well.

What do you enjoy the most about being a student-athlete at Florida State?
There are tons of things that I enjoy about Florida State but the thing I enjoy the most is being able to meet so many different people and having a blast with them. It’s great for me to have so many “moms and dads” away from home.

When did you first pick up a golf club and how long was it before you played a full round?
When I was young my Dad would get up early to get coffee from different golf courses and I would tag along as to not wake up all my younger brothers and sisters. While drinking my hot chocolate I was given a small cut down putter by one of the pros….and that’s when it all began. Not long after a couple puts and being able to drive the cart for a couple holes was I begging my dad to take me out and play every day.

What is your best memory of the sport of golf?
Playing with Nancy Lopez, practicing crazy shots with my dad, playing with my grandpa (who always out drives me with only one arm….it’s amazing!), many college tournaments, wins, first round under par, all the awesome people I have met……..I’ll just say I don’t have a best memory but many and many to last pages.

How many holes-in-one have you hit during your career?
I have earned two hole-in-ones….my first was when I was young and my second came in a junior tournament.

What is your favorite course that you have played and why is that your favorite course?
My favorite course is Hawks Ridge. It is a beautiful course in a small town in Georgia that mimics Augusta (picture perfect).

What does being in the Seminoles’ lineup in the NCAA Championship mean to you?
It’s a goal that I set for myself and have now accomplished. It is an accomplished goal that will lead to more hard work to accomplish more goals and a lot more fun on the range!

Is the end of this season a build up to show the coaching staff what you will be able to do next season?
It’s always fun showing off in front of people and of course the people you “work for”….so all in all I can’t wait to keep showing off even more and hope it leads to bigger and better things next season.

When you are away from the golf course, what are your hobbies?
What does away from the golf course mean????? Seriously, I absolutely love fishing!!!

Who is your favorite golfer?
I actually enjoy watching many different golfers and can’t quite pick a favorite, but there is one girl who ranks very high on the list and she is my teammate/best friend/roommate during golf tournaments. Min lilla svenska kompis Caroline Larrson!

Which, in your opinion, is the best golf movie of all time and why?
To be honest, I don’t think there is a single best golf movie of all time but I do know that Field of Dreams is the best baseball movie of all time!

What is your favorite sport other than golf?
My favorite sport other than golf is, by far, volleyball, whether it be in a gym or on the beach. I could play all day long.

How far do you want the sport of golf to take you in life?
As far as God’s will should have it (hopefully for many, many awesome years!)

Where do you envision yourself to be in five years? In 10 years?
To tell you the truth life has thrown me many curve balls… so I like to dream of the different places where I will be but I just couldn’t put my finger on one.

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