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How Well Do You Know The Seminoles?

Feb. 11, 2004

Week 10 Trivia Questions

If there were a strength of schedule quotient for the “How Well Do You Know The Seminoles?” trivia contest, last week’s set of questions would have been rated No. 1 for toughness. Only three members of the Seminole nation answered all five questions and the bonus question correctly. In fact, only fans earned 10 or more points during the elongated week of questions. It’s kind of like conference play when the competition, or in this case the questions, get tougher as the ACC Tournament and Selection Sunday approach.

Last Week’s Answers
1) Florida State’s record under Pat Kennedy in the NCAA and NIT Tournaments was 11-7.
2) Steve Robinson coached at Cornell after he left Radford early in his coaching career.
3) Hugh Durham was the head golf coach at Florida State before becoming the head basketball coach.
4) During Bud Kennedy’s head coaching regime at Florida State, the state of Indiana sent the most players to play for Florida State.
5) Joe Williams first season as the Seminoles’ freshman coach was the 1962-63 season.
Bonus) The tennis courts at the Scott Speicher Tennis Stadium are named after former head men’s Don Loucks.

Catch the Seminoles in the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center as they play host to Clemson (Feb. 14) and Virginia (Feb. 17) and keep up the great answers in the “Who Well Do You Know The Seminoles?” trivia contest.

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