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Ignition Tradition


Brand Attributes are a set of characteristics that represent the essence of the Florida State brand. These attributes identify personality traits and serve as a filter for all of the components of the identity system. When you experience the Florida State brand, we want you to be reminded of:



We?™ve created the building blocks for communicating Florida State?™s Brand Identity in a unified, consistent way. Comprised of core elements including logo, color and typography, as well as extended expressions including treatments and textures, this wide range of tools is designed to be flexible and expandable.

With a shared design sensibility, each element can be used to elevate the Florida State Brand in a way that is distinctive and immediately recognizable as Florida State. The brand identity reinforces our commitment to create and sustain NCAA Division I programs for men and women characterized by comprehensive excellence.


Tradition doesn’t mean never changing.
  • I LOVE the logo!

    Jameis Winston, FSU Football and Baseball

  • It?™s still our Seminole head, it?™s a beautiful head?It doesn?™t change Florida State and what our values are and what our systems are?It still doesn?™t change our tradition, our values and what we are.

    Jimbo Fisher, FSU Football Coach

  • Our relationship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida is one that we all value tremendously and that is very unique in the world of college athletics. The Seminole symbol is one of the most unique brands in all of sports and is one of the most recognizable logos. When you see the Seminole symbol, you know that you are about to face Florida State University ?“ a university rich in tradition, academic and athletic success and whose spirit of competition in undeniable. I really like the logo ?“ it is progressive and it stands head and shoulders among all others in college athletics. It is distinctly Florida State.

    Our players view the new uniforms, as well as the logo, as being on the cutting edge and progressive while still maintaining the unique Seminole spirit and tradition that we all hold dear.

    Leonard Hamilton, FSU Men?™s Basketball Coach

  • That’s our logo. That’s nobody else’s logo. That’s our daggum logo. I’m proud of the new logo and I want everybody to know that as a Seminole for the last 50 years, I want us all to be on the same page.

    Mike Martin, FSU Baseball Head Coach

  • The fresh new look of our Seminole head represents the exciting things that are happening in Florida State athletics?It is a symbol of our standard of excellence that reflects the Seminole Tribe for whom we have so much respect for.

    Sue Semrau, FSU Women?™s Basketball Coach


The initial concepts in designing this uniform were all about speed. We want to provide the utmost performance to enable the athlete for speed. We look at everything from fit, range of motion, durability, weight and thermo-regulation. We look at the whole uniform in order to enable that.

The fabric is a four-way stretch wrap that?™s shrink-wrapped around the uniform so it enhances the fit and range of motion.

The next step is zonal performance, it’s where you need it when you need it. Breathability in areas where the athlete needs ventilation, ultra durable stretch woven in heavy impact zones. Our primary goal is for the athlete to have zero distraction when wearing the uniform which allows the athlete’s focus to be 100% directed on the game itself.


The new Florida State Brand Identity System is bold and intriguing.
  • I am proud to wear any logo that represents the Unconquered Spirit and Florida State University.

    Trey Jones, Men?™s Golf Coach

  • This is a very exciting time at Florida State and the new logo encompasses what we represent; the tradition, respect and excellence of being a Seminole.

    Dwayne Hultquist, Men?™s Tennis Coach

  • The new logo is a great representation of what Florida State University is, a school that takes great pride in its tradition. All of us embrace tradition; we live it and feel it every day we are on campus.

    Mark Krikorian, FSU Soccer Coach

  • I like the new logo. I think it?™s fresh and much, much more current and I can tell you our student-athletes really like it.

    Bob Braman, FSU Head Track & Field and Men?™s Cross Country Coach

  • Having been around Florida State my entire life as a kid, a Seminole student-athlete and now a coach, this updated logo depicts what it means to be a Seminole. Our players love it and we are all very excited. Combined with the new uniforms, I think we have the opportunity to reach a whole new generation of Seminole fans with these bold updates.

    Mike Martin, Jr. Baseball All-American and FSU Asst. Baseball Coach

  • It?™s a fresh new look in a new era. The new logo represents all of us well.

    Justin Gonzalez, Senior Captain, FSU Baseball

  • The Seminole head represents a new era and is a positive change.

    Kristin Grubka, FSU Soccer

  • The new logo represents the pride I have for this University. What we stand for as Seminoles is still one thing: Unconquered. I?™m very honored to be wearing the new logo for the rest of my career.

    2013 ACC Golf Freshman of the Year Hank Lebioda

  • I am excited about a new era of FSU that is beginning and will proudly wear the Seminole head on my uniform.

    Colleen Quigley, Track & Field and Cross Country All-American

  • I?™ve always been a Seminole fan my entire life and what I really like about the new logo is that it definitely has a more modern feel to it. Nike has adapted the logo to fit our time. I?™m excited as an athlete to wear this new logo on our jerseys and to represent our university. Our logo isn?™t on a lot of gear and equipment right now, so I?™m excited that as an athletic department we are going to be uniform across the board. This is going to be the next chapter for FSU and provide a lot more exposure for our school.

    Sand Volleyball Captain, junior Stephanie Pellitteri

our logos

The Seminole logo is indisputably iconic and unique to Florida State Athletics.
  • Today?™s release of these dynamic, cutting-edge uniforms will keep Florida State at the forefront of college athletics and will further amplify our great tradition.

    Stan Wilcox, FSU Director of Athletics

  • Nike did a wonderful job of preserving the tradition of Florida State baseball while updating the technology and materials in our new uniforms. They found the perfect balance between the history of Seminole baseball and the future. Our players are extremely excited to be playing in a uniform that is one of the most advanced in all of college baseball.

    Mike Martin, FSU Baseball Head Coach

  • Our players are going to love playing in the new uniforms. They are lightweight, they absorb perspiration much better, and our players love the more brilliant colors. The reaction of each of our players was the same ?“ they all love the improved design, feel that they will give them more freedom of movement and that the colors say Florida State to them because the garnet and the gold are much more outstanding than our previous uniforms.

    Leonard Hamilton, FSU Men?™s Basketball Coach

  • Nike continues to be on the cutting edge. Once again they have designed a new uniform for us that is both attractive and comfortable to wear. The modified design and updated Seminole head logo will continue to reaffirm FSU?™s traditions and values. The breathable fabric and overall look of these uniforms generates even more excitement as we look toward the 2014-15 season

    Sue Semrau, FSU Women?™s Basketball Coach

  • I love it, I knew we were gonna bring the swag back one day. But it’s fun to have on some new gear and I look forward to going and playing in it.

    Jameis Winston, FSU Football and Baseball



unconquered font

Type tells a story. The right typeface, used consistently, builds character. The Seminole Tribe of Florida call themselves the ?Unconquered People,? descendants of just 300 Indians who managed to elude capture by the U.S. Army in the 19th century. The custom font, named ?Unconquered,? fuses modern foundational forms with universal functionality that is unmistakably Florida State. To assist in creating a consistent look for a wide variety of athletic communications, a custom display typeface and numeral set have been included as an enhancement to the primary identity.

Seminole Script

The Seminoles script was included as a nod to the heritage of the sports of baseball and softball at Florida State. Inspired by the fluid stroke of handwriting, the script is a modern rendition of a classic look. The letterforms in the script are consistent with the design language in the primary typography and word marks.

Strong typography is a critical component of the Florida State Athletics identity, and speaks to the hardworking and determined nature of Seminole athletes, coaches and fans.


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