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In The Locker Room With Men’s Golfer Eric Beaty

Sept. 9, 2002

Eric Beaty, a sophomore on the men’s golf team stopped by the clubhouse to tell what he carries in his golf bag when he competes for Florida State. The Seminoles opened their 2002 fall season Sept. 9 at the Kiawah Island Invitational.

What is your favorite club and why? Did you hit a shot with it to win a state championship? Did you receive it from a parent? Was it a gift? How long have you been using that club?

“My favorite club is my putter. I got it as a gift on my 17th birthday.”

You can carry 14 clubs in you bag. What is your system for how you fill you bag with different types of clubs?

“The only different combinations I carry in my bag are two woods and three wedges.”

What distance do you hit each club in your bag?

“I hit my eight iron 155 yards. I can generally add and subtract 10 yards from each club after that.”

What type of balls do you use (more carry, less spin, etc) and how do you mark them for each round?

“I hit the Pro V1 and mark it with a star. It has a low ball flight and less spin.”

What have you put on the outside or your bag as decorations? Are there any superstitions included on what’s on the outside of your bag?

“I carry a special bead I received from Carrie Sordel (of the Seminole women’s golf team) while we were in New Orleans.”

How long have you been playing with the set of clubs that are in your bag right now?

“I have been playing with my current set of clubs since I was 13.”

What do carry to mark your balls on the green? Do you carry money – a specific coin? Do you carry a ball marker with your initials or a club logo on it? A Seminole logo?

“I carry a marker with a Seminole logo on it and a quarter.”

What is you career low round score? Where and when did you do it?

“I shot a 65 during my junior year in high school during tryouts for our school team.”

What is your most favorite course?

“My favorite course is Cypress Creek in Orlando, Florida.”

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