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In The Postgame Press Conference

Jan. 21, 2005

Following Florida State’s win over No. 6 North Carolina, the coaches and requested players met with the media in the postgame press conference. Here’s what was said after the Seminoles’ upset win:

North Carolina Head Coach Sylvia Hatchell:

“First of all, we congratulate Florida State, they played a great game. I guess what I really need to say is that is a typical road game in the ACC. I look at the stat sheet, with rebounds, we got outrebounded by one, but the biggest difference was the inside play. I look here and we scored 44 points in the paint and they score 28 but they take 24 foul shots and we take seven. A typical ACC road game and there’s not a whole lot you can say.”

“I thought we got good shots. I thought the end of regulation, we got fouled but it wasn’t called. Again, that’s on the road. Even there at the end when we were taking it inside, I don’t know what else we can do to try to get more than seven foul shots but we did get 44 points in the paint so we will keep doing and hopefully when we get back off the road, you know three of our four ACC games have been on the road and I see that Florida State only has three home games the rest of the season. We’ve got quite a few. We’ll go home and regroup. It’s just a shame that we’re not going to play again – maybe in the ACC Tournament.”

“Anyway, Florida State did what they had to. They made big shots. They played well and here on their home court, they won the game.”

(on FSU’s confidence)

“They believe they can win. I think their test is going to be the rest of the season because they got to go on the road. The Maryland game and this game is given them a lot of confidence, but they were home and they got a lot of breaks being on their home court. Their test will be as they go on the road.”

(on Erlana Larkins)

“We were trying to get her the ball in there, inside, but she did a great job for us. She had 21 points, 10-for-15. Camille Little had 17 and then Tangy (Atkinson), she gets most of her points inside and she had 16. Usually, those guys get on the foul line a lot and we weren’t doing anything any different than we’ve done the rest of the season, but anyway, that’s the way it is, ACC on the road.”

Florida State Head Coach Sue Semrau:

“As if I haven’t said enough about this team, they just continue to come out and meet challenges. We talked about developing a championship mentality and we talked about how you have to conquer hard things in order to really achieve that championship mentality and they just continue to conquer what’s in front of them. Ganiyat, wow, she stepped up today in a big way and that’s what I love about this team. Different people step up when they try to key on certain people.”

“If you would have told me that Alicia Gladden was going to play five minutes in the first half and we beat Carolina, I would have said you all our crazy. She came in and just had key rebound and I thought she played great defense on Larkins when she came back into the game and hit some big free throws for us. I’m really proud of this team.”

Ronalda Pierce’s family was here. It was just so special just for them to come into the locker room with us afterwards. We’ve got a very special angel up there.”

(on UNC’s defense)

“We talk about how we want to increase the number of possessions that we really play with purpose. We said we had to play 80 percent of possessions with purpose. The first 20 percent of the game, we didn’t. We came back, I thought, with a lot of focus and purpose. I just give them credit for not caving to that kind of pressure. Holly (Johnson) and Quint (Neely) and Roneeka (Hodges) – getting the ball into her hands, she’s not going to back down to anybody. Throw double-teams, triple-teams at her and she’s going to find the open person.”

(on UNC’s Erlana Larkins)

“Wow, she was so tough. I thought that Hannah Linquist came in and gave us good minutes on her. Moving different people around her, but what we decided was that Ganiyat and Alicia really were the quickest, were able to get around and that was the best match up all the way around. Those two had to work really hard. She’s an excellent player.”

(on whether recent wins validate the team’s success)

“I hope so. We didn’t have the best of practices after Maryland and we really talked about that, about entering in everyday with purpose. You know when we were ranked on Wednesday or whenever it was, nobody mentioned it. That’s never been our goal, to beat Carolina or be ranked. It’s our goal to get back to the NCAA tournament. Also, we have a pretty good RPI and I think this will help.”

(on not thinking ahead to NCAA Tournament)

“Ganiyat said it best when we were talking in a team meeting and she said `One of the things we want to do is get back to the NCAA Tournament but that’s not all we want to do.’ If we get an opportunity to go to that tournament, then we’ll reevaluate. Where are we? What do we want to do in that tournament? We still have the ACC Tournament in front of us and this group of people hasn’t won an ACC Tournament game, so we’ve got some things we need to do before we even look ahead to that.”

FSU junior Ganiyat Adeduntan:

(on team’s confidence)

“It started for us in the preseason. We want to have a championship mentality, which was something we were trying to get and I definitely think we have that right now. We just work hard and our team chemistry is there too and we have each other’s back and that’s definitely what’s helping us right now.”

(on overtime)

“(In the huddle) We just talked about defense and how to get stops on defense. We were just hyped. We were playing so good, making great passes and knocking down some big shots.”

(on FSU defense)

“We got some really good stops. We were rotating low and getting rebounds and that definitely helped us get out and push the ball and get good shots on offense.”

FSU sophomore Alicia Gladden:

(on team’s strength this year compared to last year)

“I think we’re just stronger working together. We’re not really focused on one person always making the shot. We’re always working together and passing the ball. Other people are stepping up this year, unlike last year. We’re just playing together this year.”

(on confidence of team after beating two ranked opponents)

“I think Maryland really boosted our confidence going into North Carolina, so as we continue with our season, we will have more and more confidence these high-ranked teams.”

FSU senior Roneeka Hodges:

(on not thinking ahead to NCAA Tournament)

“We can’t lose focus on what we’re doing. I think we have to know our goals but we still have to get out there and play to win and keep getting better as a team.”

(on knowing this would be a special season)

“I think I got the feeling way before even the preseason (that this was going to be a special year). It didn’t have much to do with basketball, just how everybody was off the court through all of the adversity we were going through. I felt like everybody pulled together and we stuck together all of the time, no matter what was thrown as us and I felt like that was the stepping stone for the season. Everybody believed and once we got on the court, we did the same thing. We worked hard, we stayed together, we had good chemistry and it’s paying off right now.”

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