September 5, 2002 - by
Inside The Locker: Jennifer Anderson

Sept. 5, 2002

The Florida State women’s volleyball locker room is full of mementos, none more unique than the items that rest in the spot occupied by junior setter Jennifer Anderson. In this area of inspiration, Jen is often reminded of the important things in life.

” I have a tag my parents gave me my freshman year,” said Anderson. “It was attached to a towel and it says good luck on your 2000 season. Its lucky, I’ve had it every since.”

Along side the tag rests a picture of her boyfriend Kevin.

“Looking at his picture always makes me smile before practice,” said Anderson. “No matter what happens, I have him in the back of my mind.”

A quote given to her by teammate Cerina Pele during their freshman season occupies a special place in her locker and her heart. Necessities such as books, clothes and finger tape occupy the rest of the free space in the wooden locker of Jennifer Anderson located in the basement of historic Tully Gym.

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