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Interview I: Carly Sits Down With The Co-Captains Of The Team

Feb. 17, 2005

Hello everyone!
My name is Carly Brieske and I am a junior on the Florida State softball team. Each week I will be posting an interview with someone important to me and the softball team here at Florida State. I hope you enjoy.
First let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but grew up my whole life in Florida. I live in Safety Harbor, Florida, with my loving mom, dad, sister and golden retriever, Bailey. Safety Harbor is really close to Clearwater and the

Next time I’ll sit down with long-time Seminole videographer and Internet radio broadcaster, Craig “Campo” Campanozzi

Tampa Bay area, a place I thought I wanted to live the rest of my life until I came here to Tallahassee. Tallahassee’s Southern charm has really grown on me the last couple years and I hope to stay here after graduation and maybe work on my Masters in Business Administration. I absolutely love and am extremely appreciative for the whole experience of playing softball at Florida State, all the way from the coaches, teammates, support staff, and school! I have met many amazing people and formed many friendships that will last a lifetime.

Now for my first interview:
I chose to interview the two co-captains of the team Tatiana George and Lesley Palmer. I feel honored to play with these girls. They both have such character and are just great friends of mine.

Tatiana is a true leader, she guides the team so well. She leads the team both on and off the field. She does everything from coordinating community service to organizing board game night at her house. She has been a vital part of our success over the last 3 years by her competitiveness and desire to win. She is looked up to as a role model and an example for other teammates to follow. She is not only a teammate but a great friend of mine.

Lesley is also a leader. Last year she tore her ACL and has rehabbed extensively to come back strong this season. She persevered and endured endless hours of rehab to be able to contribute this year and lead our team back to the World Series. She is someone you know you can go to and tell her whatever is on your mind and she is always willing to listen. She’s always willing to try to help out in anyway possible. She is the most caring and genuine person I have ever met. I am happy I have been able to become friends with Lesley.

10 Questions and Answers with Tatiana George and Lesley Palmer

1. Now let s start the interview with you girls telling us a little about your hometowns, Fontana, California, and Dale City, Virginia.

George- I was born and raised in California. Fontana is 45 minutes east of LA on a good traffic day, 30 minutes away from the coast and 2 hours north of San Diego. It brings everything all in one. The small town feeling in the community and ten minutes away the big city. Fontana is a community with tons of family support and great school systems

Lesley Palmer

Palmer- I was born in Kansas and then moved to Oklahoma but grew up mostly in Dale City, Virginia. Dale City is 30 minutes outside of Washington, D.C., so it has a small town feeling with a large city nearby. The family and the whole community were involved in sports and the Boys & Girls Club, it was a real family knit environment that we were surrounded by. I hope to be a part of it again one day when I finish softball, settle down and have my own kids.

2. Now that you are seniors looking back, what have you enjoyed most about Florida State?

George- The coaches, support staff, friends and family I’ve made here.

Palmer- The coaches and the support staff and there genuine concern and support for us. They really care and look after us. They care about softball but they also care about us getting the whole college experience. It has been a blessing.

3. What is something you have learned about yourself since coming to Florida State?

George- I’ve learned that I am a very independent and responsible person. I’ve learned that I am a very good mother figure which is kind of weird (nicknamed Grandma Goodies). I am afraid to fail, which has driven me to work hard at everything I do. Coming here to Florida State has provided me a lot of options and I have learned that I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it because I have been blessed with all the necessary tools.

Palmer- Florida State has taught me it is ok to grow up. I am so thankful for all the support this team, and athletic program has provided me with but as my senior year progresses and I am about to close this chapter of my life I realize it is my time to venture out into the world. I look forward to what lies ahead of me in the future and I know its ok to grow up.

Life as a Seminole has been fun for George and Palmer

4. So has the Tallahassee Southern charm grown on you?

George- Most definitely yes. It is a big change from the west coast, where people are nice but kind of cold hearted. You come to Tallahassee everyone says hi and are friendly and welcoming. In the beginning, I felt that Tallahassee was a little too small but now I feel that I could call Tallahassee home.

Palmer- I think it grows on everyone. Something about Tallahassee just captures you. Tallahassee just has a comforting old Southern feel to it.

5. What is something surprising about you that someone wouldn’t know?

George- I’m a neat freak and a homebody. I just like being home and relaxing.

Palmer- The only utensils I use are plastic and that I grew up with a family of thirteen.

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

George- I would most definitely go to Italy. I think it would be so romantic. One of my dreams is to ride down one of the Venice canals in a gondola. I can’t wait to go there.

Palmer- I would go to Greece. I would like to see where all the Olympic games started. I think it would be interesting.

7A. Best softball memory on the field?

George- The 2002 trip to the World Series my freshman year when we beat the No. 1-ranked UCLA Bruins and took third place in the nation. It was such a great trip.

Palmer- My first year at Florida State when I received the honor of Most Valuable Player of the ACC tournament and I turned to my mom and told her it was for her.

Lesley Palmer has been an offensive force for the Seminoles the last two years

7B. Best softball memory off the field?

George- The whole team went to Panama City last year over Spring Break together. It was our one off day and we went and just had an awesome time together at the beach.

Palmer- Being able to talk with my on the road roommate, Carly. We have had some good memories together the last two years and I am sure this season will bring many more.

8. What are your expectations for this upcoming season?

George- One of my biggest expectations is that everyone steps up in the respective roles. I hope everyone realizes that in order for us to achieve our high goals we must remain together as a team through all the ups and downs of the season.

Palmer- I just expect everyone to believe in themselves. If everyone believes that they are as good as I think they are, there are no limits as to what we can achieve. There is no reason we shouldn’t be standing on the field in Oklahoma at the end of the season.

9. What makes this team unique compared to other teams here at Florida State?

George- We hang out on and off the field and that we truly are all friends. It s a big family of 18 sisters, 2 older sisters (Louie and Megan) and then Mama Graf. We all operate as a family.

Palmer- We play together as friends and we all play for each other not as individuals. The chemistry of the team is great, there is no animosity or tension between anyone.

10. What are your future plans after the season is over?

George- I plan on going to Oregon to doing a Nike internship. Then come back to Tallahassee to pursue my Masters in Business Administration here at Florida State.

Palmer- I am planning on going home to Virginia and starting a life there. I would like to work with the government, maybe even with the Secret Service. Eventually, I would like to get married, start a family and instill all the things I’ve been taught to them.

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