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Irma-Prompted Road Trip Won’t Knock Us Off Course

A week that was supposed to be a relaxing time in Tallahassee, turned slightly hectic with the forecast of Hurricane Irma. After only a couple days back on campus, classes were canceled Friday the 8th through the following Friday to take precautions against the incoming weather.

It seemed that every student at Florida State University rushed to the grocery store to stock up on supplies and the shelves were quickly depleted. There was certainly a calm before the storm, however, and Friday’s weather was absolutely beautiful. Following a track workout and weights that day, we took advantage of the sunshine! Some of us got a little sunburned after spending time at the pool and outside, but the clouds quickly followed the next day.

As the storm was approaching, our coaches were providing us with safety information and ways to obtain food and water. The athletic department definitely took care of our sports teams and had enough pb&j to feed an army!

Word began to spread of some members of our team wanting to leave Tallahassee to travel to safer areas up north. After a lot of back and forth, debating whether to stay or go, at 3 p.m. on Saturday I decided I wanted to head to my home in Nashville. And with the storms coming in, I also needed to leave that night! Luckily Mackenzie Landa, Emily Edwards, and Ginelle Demone were more than happy to escape the hurricane and joined me on the eight-hour drive back to Tennessee! We threw clothes in a bag, grabbed lots of snacks and after a long road trip we arrived in my driveway at 12:30 a.m.

Irma-Prompted Road Trip Won’t Knock Us Off Course

On Sunday, we spent a lot of time watching the news and keeping in contact with our teammates to see the status of the storm and check on their safety. The track building was opened for athletes living off campus to take shelter in during the hurricane, and so the locker room was filled with blankets, bean bags, and sleeping bags as our team made it their temporary home! Luckily by the time the storm hit Tallahassee it had lost some of its strength, and everyone remained safe.

The next day some members of our team even took their car to go mudding in the rain! Just a brief couple day of chaos, but we have now made it through our second hurricane. Hopefully this isn’t a trend that continues each year I am at FSU.


Irma-Prompted Road Trip Won’t Knock Us Off Course

While our team stuck it out in Tallahassee I showed Mackenzie, Ginelle, and Emily around my home town. We were able to see lots of the Tennessee views I have missed, as well as run on the local trails. But more importantly we toured around the heart of Nashville, and were surrounded by country music, cowboy boots, and Southern food. It was a fun little vacation for the four of us, but now it’s time to head back to Tallahassee to prepare for our race Friday at Virginia Tech.

This storm can’t keep us from a race opportunity against our competition.


Irma-Prompted Road Trip Won’t Knock Us Off Course

Hailey Hendry is a sophomore business major from Brentwood, Tennessee. A fixture in the cross country lineup’s top seven throughout her freshman year, she hopes to build on that experience in her second season with the Noles. Hendry will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the FSU women’s cross country team team throughout the season.

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