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It’s A Family Tradition

June 18, 2009



By Victoria Jackson, Writing & Editing Intern

Courtney Noelle Rosen, a junior on the Florida State softball team, has a family full of unforgettable names.  Every member of Rosen’s immediate family has a name of meaning, anywhere from favorite movie characters to national holidays, and it all started with her Dad.

Rosen’s father, Rocket, was given this unusual first name because of the holiday, the Fourth of July.  While Courtney’s mom Robin was named after the bird, it was for an interesting reason.  The robin is the first bird of spring and Mrs. Rosen was born during the springtime.  The Rosens have carried on this tradition with their own children as Courtney and her three sisters were all given special names after much thought and consideration.

Rocket and Robin Rosen are both involved in the court system, hence the name Courtney.  She got her middle name from the first Angel Noelle, because she was brought home on Christmas Eve, and her grandfather “Papa Barney” knew it would the perfect middle name. Papa Barney gave all four Rosen daughters their unique middle names, with the help of Rocket and Robin.

The Rosen’s youngest daughter, Darby Danielle, was named after Darby Lane where the Rosen family house was being built when she was born. During that time, Rocket was working on a trial, the case of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. They practiced and preached from the book of Daniel, in the Bible. During that trial Darby was born, and Danielle was introduced as her middle name.

Courtney’s younger sister, Portland, was named for a nurse who was from Portland, Jamaica. Her parents fell in the love with the name and knew Portland would be a perfect fit.

The oldest of the bunch is Jorden Leah, who is also a softball player and played at Syracuse. Her middle name Leah came from a trilogy of movies we all have come to know and love…Star Wars.  Her mom was a big fan of Princess Leah, who charmed the audience, and Papa Barney agreed this would be Jorden’s middle name.

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