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J-Mac’s Lane: Chad Mylin

The FSU Swimming and Diving Team has been on the rise this 2016-2017 season – in fact both teams were ranked in last week’s CSCAA poll No. 19 (Men), No. 25 (women).

Everyone, veterans and newcomers, have all improved in the inaugural season for Neal Studd and the new coaching staff – which is big reason of why we’re having so much success.

One veteran who has made quite an impact this season in our sprint group is junior sprinter Chad Mylin. After becoming an ACC-finalist in the 50 -yard freestyle last season. Mylin continues to progress and is currently the fifth fastest 50 freestyler all-time for FSU. After his performance at Pitt, he earned his first career ACC Male Swimmer of the Week honor.  He’s also tied for the 13th fastest time (19.49) in the nation this season.

I sat down with this speedster, over a cup of tea, to learn more about him as a swimmer and person.

J-Mac’s Lane: Chad Mylin

Q: When and why did you start swimming competitively?

Mylin: I started swimming in 7th grade after I participated in a summer swim league. I loved to race and I am very competitive so swimming seemed like a perfect sport for me.

Q: What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses in swimming?

Mylin: My strengths are hand speed, I have a really fast turnover which really helps for the sprint events. My weakness is my kick, I have a really hard time getting my kick speed to match up with my hand speed.

Q: What motivates you throughout the grind of college swimming?

Mylin: My teammates for sure. Getting through the hard practices would be impossible without the group of guys around me to keep pushing me and also have some fun while doing it.

Q: If you didn’t swim in college, which sport would you do and why?

Mylin: I would probably play water polo, I started playing my junior year in high school and it was such a fun sport to play.

Q: What is your favorite memory of swimming for FSU thus far?

Mylin: One of my favorite memories came from this season at the Georgia Invitational. The 200 freestyle relay of Jason McCormick, Kanoa Kaleoaloha, Will Pisani, and myself got the NCAA A cut. This is the first time I will go to NCAA’s and it was a very proud accomplishment.

Q: What do you want to do after you graduate?

Mylin: I’m not too sure what I want to do after I graduate. I’m majoring in sports management so perhaps a job in the sports world, but I have also considered joining the military after graduating.

Q: What’s your favorite 2000’s jam?

Mylin: Oh man there are a lot to choose from but I think I’d have to go with Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado.

Q: Wendy’s or McDonalds?

Mylin: Wendy’s 4 for 4 all day.

Q: You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Mylin: I’d probably take it to class, no more spending money on gas.

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