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James Coley Q&A

Aug. 15, 2011

Talk about media day and fan day. This is something you guys don’t get to do on a routine basis.

This is different, this is out of the routine. It’s fun because it intunes us with the Seminole nation. Sometimes you’re working football, football, football, a day like reminds you as a coach and as players the passion people have for them and the university. Everybody came here, the kids who are on scholarship and the walk-ons, because they love Florida State. This is just a little reminder with these fans coming in and asking them to sign stuff–this is why they chose Florida State. Because of them and vice versa.

When you think about your offense, what is one of those things that might not stand out to a lot of people? Maybe something that surprises you from the offseason?

Player wise? I think our wide-outs have gotten better. We’re in day seven, and our young guys are now veterans. What you’re used to reminding them of, they’re kind of waving you off like a parent, “I got it…I heard that all last year…I don’t need to hear it again.” So that’s kind of good, because it allows you to go onto those other guys, but when you go talk to them, you’re too late because they tell you, “Rodney (Smith) already told me,” or “Bert (Reed) already told me,” or “Willie (Haulstead) already told me.” That’s a hidden gem because it makes your job easier when your guys understand what the system is about, or what you’re supposed to do. And they can talk to eachother about it, and that’s all learning. You’re going to learn from your coach, but you’re also going to learn just as much as you’re going to learn from a coach.

Talk about your tight ends. There’s a lot of depth bringing in guys like Nick O’Leary, Beau Reliford is back, Ja’Baris Little is playing better. Does that give you an added threat for this offense?

We recruited Nick, and I think he was ranked the number one tight end in the country. Coach Fisher’s theme this year is “Now.” It wasn’t last year, and if you’re a tight end that played here last year, and you had 13 catches, what have you done “now”? What are we doing “now” ? When you get these talents around and you watch them on the field, it has changed the position (tight end) at this school. You have a threat that can attack the middle of the field, that can attack one-on-one match-ups. I’m excited, I’ve been excited for the past seven practices working with my group. It’s a great group and a great room.

You’re a twitter fiend, you love getting the message out there. It’s not just fun, you’re getting Florida State’s message out there. When you write a tweet, what is the biggest message you’re trying to get across?

It’s a message going out to the future, and I know prospects read tweets. I know they use twitter. It’s all about passion for me, this is a great university. Everyday I come to work, I’m fired up to be here. I want this university to be successful, and I want people to understand that when we tweet and send those messages out, this is who we are. This is what Florida State’s all about. I’ve got prospects that will tell me, “Coach, you’re crazy,” or “Coach, you’re getting me fired up.” And of course I can’t reply to their messages because that would be an NCAA violation. They know who you are when you walk in the living room. When you walk in the living room, they’re like “Hey coach, fear the spear.” I’ve heard that a thousand times, but that’s what we want them to be. When we walk on the field, coach Fisher says that all the time, “You make the helmet.” What’s on the helmet? The spear. You want them to fear it.

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