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KARMA: Drunk Bowling

March 27, 2007

On Wednesday, March 17th, student-athletes teamed up with KARMA to educate Florida State’s campus on the responsibilities and risks associated with drinking and the dangers of drug use.

KARMA, Knowing About Responsible Management of Alcohol and other Drugs, is comprised of trained peer educators and is affiliated with BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Education Network. Nearly 30 Seminole athletes helped make the educational event fun by strapping on beer goggles and participating in Drunk Bowling at Crenshaw Lanes. The goggles altered the students’ vision simulating the effects of alcohol and the dangers of driving under the influence.

FSU’s Athletics Department joined KARMA in the event to support the group’s goals including: dispelling myths and increasing students’ knowledge of alcohol and other drug facts, promoting responsible and informed decisions regarding alcohol use/non-use, challenging students to think about the motivations behind their behaviors, and encourage students to seek assistance if they have problems with alcohol and other drugs.

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