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Know Your Noles: Part Four

Aug. 25, 2011

During the summer, the Florida State men’s tennis team took a short break from their rigorous schedule to relax and check in with During this time, we caught up with the returning players and asked them to give us some inside information about their tennis game and the team camaraderie. With every one getting back on campus, this is the time to get to know your `Noles. Here is the final installment.

By: Katelin Kelley, FSU Sports Information

1. Do you have any on-court rituals?
Andres Bucaro: Going back to the towel after some points and I make sure I step on the lines in between points.
Jordan Kelly-Houston: I like to straighten my strings a lot to take my mind off the last point.
Blake Davis: Possibly.
Anderson Reed: No.

2. Who do you think has the best accent on the team?
Bucaro: Jordan Kelly-Houston aka Sid the Kid, the ladies fall in love after they hear his accent.
Kelly-Houston: I would be astonished if I wasn’t everybody’s answer for this.
Davis: Not Jordan.
Reed: Jordan.

3. Did you always aspire to play college tennis?
Bucaro: Of course! I love to represent the ‘Noles and my teammates.
Kelly-Houston: And I aspire to play tennis after college.
Davis: Yes.
Reed: Yes.

4. What teammate can you always count on to cheer you on through difficult matches?
Bucaro: All of them, everyone has their way to cheer and I highly appreciate when they do it.
Kelly-Houston: Anderson and his mom.
Davis: My entire team.
Reed: Andres.

5. What is one thing you love about being a Seminole student-athlete?
Bucaro: The tradition and the support the fans give us, they are our “7th Player.” They make us win the tough matches.
Kelly-Houston: Great school to be a part of and the colors are epic.
Davis: Camaraderie.
Reed: Camaraderie.

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