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Know Your Noles: Part Three

Aug. 18, 2011

During the summer, the Florida State men’s tennis team took a short break from their rigorous schedule to relax and check in with During this time, we caught up with the returning players and asked them to give us some inside information about their tennis game and the team camaraderie. With the fall season just around the corner, this is the time to get to know your `Noles. Check back next week to see the final installment.

By: Katelin Kelley, FSU Sports Information

1. Have you ever accidently hit an opponent while in match play? (If so, what team?)
Andres Bucaro: Yes, Florida Gators doubles match on court 2. One of the best moments of my Seminole Career.
Jordan Kelly-Houston: Hit a guy in juniors after I lost the match. Wasn’t an accident.
Blake Davis: Once hit Andres. It was not an accident. It was before I met him though. Still awesome.
Anderson Reed: No

2. Which player exudes the most emotion during matches?
Bucaro: Anderson “PR” Reed.
Kelly-Houston: Andres.
Davis: No idea.
Reed: Andres.

3. Is there any item that you wear that you can’t play without?
Bucaro: My hat, has to be tilted. Wristbands are a must wear for me too.
Kelly-Houston: Power Balance Band.
Davis: No.
Reed: Clothes.

4. What other sport (besides tennis) do you enjoy playing?
Bucaro: Soccer.
Kelly-Houston: Hockey.
Davis: All.
Reed: Basketball and beach volleyball.

5. What are some motivating sayings or catch-phrases that your coaches always repeat?
Bucaro: We need a start to start.
Kelly-Houston: Toughest question here. “Stay focused on your own court.”
Davis: Too many to count.
Reed: Play your game.

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