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Lessons from our favorite Brit, party hats & another victory!

Traveling from Nashville, Tenn. to Tallahassee to Charlotte, N.C. to Blacksburg, Va. –  all in about a 36-hour stretch – was quite the way to spend part of last week. But to be part of this team you have to be ready for just about anything!

This first month of my sophomore year has certainly been an adventure, but nothing compares to the journey freshman Jodie Judd has been on thus far. Our favorite Brit has spent her first few weeks at FSU attempting to be cleared to train and compete as a Seminole. Not being able to practice with the team, being thousands of miles from home, and going through a hurricane doesn’t exactly create the ideal circumstances for a smooth adjustment to America. And yet I have never seen someone as happy and positive as Jodie. Honestly, I think I would have packed my bags and headed home. But luckily she was finally given the green light this week to compete and joined us for our second race at Virginia Tech.

Jodie Judd finished second in her FSU debut and taught us a valuable lesson about putting shoes on a table!

Not only did Jodie provide lots of laughs on this trip, but she also saved me from a massive mistake. Our team gathered in the hotel lobby the last few hours leading up to the race. Some were being super unproductive and irresponsible by completing their homework, while others spent their time more wisely watching Netflix or playing card games. During this time as I joined the dutiful ones of the group, I was given my new racing spikes. I opened that neon Nike bag right up and placed those beauties on the table. Little did I know I might as well of set the world on fire because, apparently, placing new shoes on the table is an irrefutable way to bring about bad luck.

With the most horrified look on her face, Jodie quickly made me aware of what I had done. I’m not sure if it was to take precaution against any bad luck or out of fear from Jodie’s reaction, but I threw those things on the ground as fast as I could. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to affect the race because we won! And I’m glad we did because I don’t think Jodie would have been too happy with me if we didn’t.

Lessons from our favorite Brit, party hats & another victory!

We are also on a roll with celebrating birthdays on race weekends, and Kayla Easterly was even luckier than I was two weeks, by getting to race in her very first 6k. What better way to celebrate than that? Another benefit to having Jodie on this trip was that she brought party hats for this special occasion. We went on our cool down after the race in style, running around with them proudly on our heads.

Now back in Tallahassee, it’s time for this thing called “school” to start again. Considering our team has only attended six days of classes with the hurricane and traveling for races, I think it might be a little adjustment. But if we can overcome placing new shoes on a table, I think we can handle a little school work!

Hailey Hendry is a sophomore business major from Brentwood, Tennessee. A fixture in the cross country lineup’s top seven throughout her freshman year, she hopes to build on that experience in her second season with the Noles. Hendry will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the FSU women’s cross country team team throughout the season.

Lessons from our favorite Brit, party hats & another victory!
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