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Lightning Once Again Interrupts FSU’s Football Practice

Aug. 31, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.It was déjà vu all over again for the 19th-ranked FSU football team on Friday. For the second day in-a-row, the team was forced off the practice fields midway thru due to lightning. On Friday the Seminoles worked on special teams and kicking and then jumped straight to period 13 to get in pass skel, 11-on-11 and 2:00 offense before the dangerous weather rolled in. After making it to period 21, they rolled the clock back and started at one but that didn’t last long. By the time the practice moved to period two the squad was being rushed off the field once again. The offense and defense were right back in the turf room and Tully Gym finishing another practice. The team will have a closed walk through Saturday night before departing for Clemson on Sunday.




  • In 7-on-7 Drew Weatherford started off with completions to Rod Owens, De’Cody Fagg and Richard Goodman. Weatherford then put the ball into the end zone with Greg Carr and Fagg on the receiving ends. Xavier Lee completed a pass to Bert Reed and also connected on a TD with Josh Dobbie. The catch was a thing of beauty as the tight end reached up and grabbed the pass with one hand. For the defense Lawson broke up a pass.

  • In pass rush Paul Griffin and Neefy Moffett both had great drills winning multiple battles. Everette Brown also got to the QB. On the offensive line the victories were spread out as Caz Piurowski, Brandon Davis, Shannon Boatman, Jacky Claude and Daron Rose all got wins.

  • In 11-on-11 the team worked on down and distance situations. The biggest offensive play came on a short pass from Weatherford to Fagg that the senior turned into a big play. For the defense Geno Hayes had a quarterback pressure that easily could have been ruled a sack and Derek Nicholson picked off a pass dropping back into coverage and making a great read.

  • In the 2:00 drill Weatherford and Fagg once again proved to be a deadly combination.  After an incompletion on the first play, Weatherford found Fagg across the middle and the wideout took it the length of the field for a TD. The defense had its revenge versus the two’s. Alex Boston recorded back-to-back sacks on the first two plays, McClure and Toddrick Verdell pressured Lee into an incompletion on third down and then Eli Charles finished the offense off with the D’s third sack in four plays.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

Opening statement:

“We needed to get out. Now we did go ahead and get in our kicking, thank goodness, that is something you can’t do inside. We also got in our pass scouting we went ahead and did that first so at least we got that in. So now I guess what we’ll do is go to Tully Gym. Offense will go then the defense will go. Just check, be sure we know our plays and who to get and all that. But I think this is the fourth time that we’ve been driven off the field with lightning. It’s not raining, it’s lightning. Rain doesn’t hurt us because we can go to that band field. It’s really a problem. Coach (mark) Richt was complaining about that up in Georgia last week about not having a play to practice. We’re gonna have to solve it one of these days.”


On concerns of not practicing outside:

“Well, it’s not a great concern. It’s just you like to get it, you know. We did do today the most important thing we wanted to practice today, that was pass skeleton, 11-on-11, two minute offense and the kicking game at least we got that in. So now what we do inside, we won’t be throwing the ball around and stuff like that. At least we got that in. And we’ve had a lot of preparations. You know when you get this late in the game, there is not much more you can do, except be sure you know your plays, be sure you know where to line up, be sure you know which way to go, be sure you know which way to do this. At least we can get that inside.”


Do you have anymore serious discussion about having an indoor facility?

“We’ve had it on the drawing board for a long time. It’s just a matter of when you want to do it and when you can afford to do it.


Is there still hope there for it?

“Yea, oh yea, I’m feel sure eventually we’ll have to have one.”


On regards of the Clemson game what players do you expect to not have?

“Well I won’t go into details too much but we just found out today (Jeremy) Franklin can’t play. Now Franklin is a walk-on but with our thinness at linebackers, he’s been fitting in our plans as a specialty player as well as a back-up linebacker. Now we just found out we don’t have him. Now um, he won’t play. There might be some others that we won’t play them, I won’t name them.”


“Matt (Dunham), yea I’m sure he’s out, (Russell) Ball I’m sure he’s out with injuries. (John) Frady is back. He needs a lot of work though, hadn’t been at practice a whole lot. If you just stay healthy you’re okay, you know, but if you have a good one go down, you can have a drop off.”


Are you settled on kick returns and punt returns?

“I think pretty much so. (Parker) Preston would be the punt returner. Kick-off would be (Michael Ray) Garvin and I’m not sure exactly who they’ll use as the other.”


What impressed you about Preston Parker as a punt returner?

“Well he’s got a little quickness about him and he’s kind of a fearless football player. Looks like he has some natural instinct back there, catches the ball as good as any of them. Got to be able to catch that ball.”


Specific game plan to get Xavier in the game:

“No, there is no plan. We’ll play that play-by-play. No time that you’re gonna change quarterback. We’ll just play the game and go from there.”


Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher

On his first game
“There is no pressure.  We just have to go and do what we are supposed to do and that is play hard, play with toughness, effort and discipline and let the other things take care of them.  Don’t worry about the things we can’t control.  The only thing we can control is ourselves.  Clemson is one heck of a football team.  They are coached very well.  They have good players.  It’s a tough environment.  We have to focus on ourselves and control that and then see what happens.”
Have you watched a lot of film on Clemson?

“Oh, yea.  I have watched a lot of it.  They are very physical at the point.  They run well.  Their linebackers are very active.  They are constantly changing coverages – three down, four down, rolling coverages.  I mean doing a great job.  Vic Koenning – he does a great job as the (defensive) coordinator.  And they’ve got great players.  And they are physical.  And they are tough.  It’s going to be a heck of a challenge.”
Clemson says they have watched a lot of film from you and LSU

“Heck, I don’t even know what I am going to do yet.  We all study each other and I sure they will.  They do a great job of preparing and getting ready.  That’s they’re job and that’s why they do such a good job.  We’ll just have to wait and go play on Monday.”
on playing in the Clemson environment

“They practice it every day.  They got to deal with it and we know that going in.  It’s part of playing college football at a major Division I level.  You have to be attentive to detail, talk, communicate, make sure people see your face – not just talk – but see your lips move and take our time, don’t panic and make sure we are communicating with each other.”
Quarterback Drew Weatherford
 how much pressure is on Coaches Fisher and Trickett?

“I don’t know.  To be honest, we have worked so hard we just need to go out and play.  We put lot of pressure on ourselves out at practice and we are going to treat it like that.  We are going to go out and try to perform to the best of our abilities and I think that will take a lot of pressure off of it just knowing how hard we have worked; knowing that we have given it all we have to this point.”
how is the Clemson defense different this year as compared to last year?

“They’ve lost a couple of players – they lost obviously a great defensive end and a great defensive tackle and their two corners who are great players as well.  But they are going to do what they have always done and that is play really conservative football. They don’t like to blitz a lot; they don’t like to give up the big play.  And they do a good job up front.  They’ve got a bunch of good d-linemen that are still there with them.  The linebackers are great players.  They run around like our own do.  Their secondary, although not as experienced as last year, they are just as talented.”


Andre Fluellen

On Clemson’s offense:

“We’ve got a nice package for Clemson; we’ve got everybody put in the right positions. We’re doing a couple of new things, but pretty much been sticking with what we’ve been doing in the past. We’ve got to go out there and have everybody play disciplined, assignment football.


On FSU’s offensive line:

“I think they are a lot tougher than they were last year. They come off the ball faster. They’re running a different scheme now, the zone scheme. Like I said, they are a lot tougher, a lot more physical which falls right in line to what coach Trickett has them doing. I know a lot of them now are stronger than they were before. Pass blocking is way better than it has been since I’ve been here. I feel really excited about what they are going to do.”


On finally playing a game:

We’re just tired of hitting our offense for the last month or so. We’re ready to get after somebody else.”


Alex Boston

On Justin Mincey and Eli Charles:

Both of them are young, game experience is what is lacking on both of their ends. For the most part in the drills and everything in practice that we’ve been doing I think they’ll be alright, being able to help us out with a few plays. For the most part it will probably be me and Everette (Brown) and Neefy (Moffett) doing most of the job.”

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