November 13, 2018
Lonni Alameda Named 2018 Musial Award Honoree

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — After a season that saw her lead the Seminoles to the 2018 NCAA National Championship, along with receiving NFCA National Coaching Staff of the Year honors, Florida State head coach Lonni Alameda will add another award to that list on November 17 as she will be one of nine honorees at the 2018 Musial Awards.

Named for baseball hall of famer Stan Musial, the Musial Awards honor the year’s greatest moments of sportsmanship and the biggest names in sports who embody class and character. In addition to Alameda, the 2018 Musial Award honorees are Jim Thome, Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, Ozzie Smith, Jordan Bohannon, Gerald Hodges II, Ty Koehn, Kaiden Whaley and Kate Wynja.

“It is an honor and a surprise to be recognized by the Musial Awards this year,” said Alameda. “Having the chance to get to know several of the people involved with the Musial Awards and to see the passion they have and desire to share the good stories from sport is amazing. A lot of people like to celebrate sport in the wins and the championships, but it is actually about the process of building young men and women to contribute to society. Sometimes that is the true calling of a coach. Very excited to spend the weekend with the Musial organization and represent Florida State.”

Alameda’s giving spirit was evident on May 31 as the University of Oregon had a few issues on the morning of its first game at the 2018 Women’s College World Series. The Ducks’ bus had a flat tire and they needed a way to get to the stadium, and since they were staying near Florida State’s hotel, called Alameda and she allowed them to use FSU’s bus so that they could arrive in plenty of time for their game at 12:00 p.m.

At 11:30 a.m., after the bus returned and Florida State was preparing to leave for its own batting practice, a jersey for one of the Oregon players was found on the bus. Alameda made the quick decision to take the jersey, hop off the bus and drive the jersey directly to the stadium so that the player could have it before the game started.

Lonni Alameda Named 2018 Musial Award Honoree

“To have someone come and get it from us would have taken away from the time for the player to have her jersey, so that wasn’t even an option,” Alameda said. “I know as a coach myself that I would just want it to be there ASAP, so that it is less stress for the team and the player. So I didn’t really think about it; it’s just what you do. And a lot of people would have done that, not just me.”

Not seeking to be recognized by the act, but once word of it spread to members at the NCAA and ESPN, it became well-publicized throughout the day. Alameda will receive the award at the Musial Awards banquet on November 17 at the Stifel Theater in St. Louis. More information about the Musial Awards can be found on their website at

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