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Maddie’s Minutes: Saying Goodbye, But Not Yet

April 24, 2014

Junior shortstop Maddie O’Brien continues her blog during the 2014 season here on Seminoles.com. She will share the insights, joys and challenges that the team experiences as they pursue their goal of advancing to the Women’s College World Series.

Our Last Home Series of Regular Season

Although we have high hopes about hosting during the postseason, it is no secret that this weekend will be the last home ACC series our seniors will play in. After a very exciting sweep over Syracuse this past weekend, we had positioned ourselves well in the standings to be regular season champs. AND…as of Tuesday, we DID IT! We are the 2014 ACC Regular Season Champions for the second year in a row. As the congratulatory texts came pouring in, I could not help but think of how incredible this journey has been. At the beginning of the season we set many goals in hopes that if we accomplished each we would be in a good spot for postseason, and there is no doubt in any of our minds that we have done that. With that being said, we all know that this is not where we stop. As a team, we will continue to make each other better, put in the work, and play for the ones who can’t.

In my first blog of the season I wrote that it was important for us to trust the process and to focus on controlling only what we can control. This season we have definitely relied on trusting the work we have put in as well as taking advantage of our opportunities. We have come across a couple bumps along the way and were faced with some tough challenges, but “when you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”- Howard Schultz

Senior Weekend

This weekend we are playing a three-game series against Georgia Tech. On Sunday we will be celebrating the remarkable careers of our seniors. I am particularly close to this group of girls because I came in with this class. The good ole class of ’14. When we first came in there were six of us, and now there are 4 true seniors from that class. Although I am a redshirt junior, I still consider myself to be a part of this senior class, and I know that they all consider me to be a part of it as well. Wow, where do I even begin? We have been through everything together. From freshman dorm experiences, jumping a.k.a being pushed into a pool after winning the ACC tournament our freshman year, seeing Courtney Senas dressed up as Tinkerbell, an Avatar, a dog named Lola, and a Caveman, to the best part, WINNING. I know one thing is for sure, I am going to miss all of you! It truly has been so amazing becoming close with this group of girls, and I know that I have not only made great teammates, but I have also made six friends that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Celeste– I will forever miss our “girls days” at the mall and spas, but I know we are sisters for life.

Nori– I will definitely miss your amazing baking skills, but most of all I will miss your determination and passion, on and off the field.

Kelly– I will miss you saying “just throw the ball to Maddie,” and I will miss having such a competitor out in LF behind me.

Tiffani– I will miss your smile next to me in the infield and your love for the game.

Bri- I will miss your effort and hustle, your athleticism, and most of all, our silly conversations to stay loose in the infield.

Courtney- I will miss all the times you were there for me. There is a reason our team voted you the most “family oriented.” I will miss the player you are, but most of all the person you are.   

Maddie Blog

Thank you for the joy you have brought us, the time you have put in, and the legacies you are leaving at FSU. Forever and always a SEMINOLE! Now let’s go win a National Championship!

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