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‘Mayor Brown’ as Likable as They Come

STOCKTON, CALIF. ( – Brittany Brown is an admitted goofball off the court.

On the plane to California, she cracked jokes, was extroverted and made everyone smile. It’s part of her contagious personality that makes her a strong leader for No. 3 seed Florida State.

“Yes, I’m the clown all the time. But I feel like that’s when my team needs to give them energy,” Brown said prior to the team’s contest against No. 2 seed Oregon State.

“That’s just a way that I get my team going. I do it on and off the court.”

“I’ve known Brittany since she was like a sixth grader,” FSU coach Sue Semrau added. “I didn’t know she would have such a vibrant personality (when I first met her), and that is something that really makes this team go.”

On a team full of introverts, Brown’s outgoing persona shines.

Now in her final year as a Seminole, Brown has learned to flip a switch when needed and get the most out of her teammates. Her fiery, on-court demeanor leaves little doubt of her passion for competition and desire to win.

“She’s a fierce competitor,” Semrau said. “Her parents were her high school coaches, so that’s all she’s ever known.”

“I feel like she’s actually made me better (as a player),” junior Shakayla Thomas added.

‘Mayor Brown’ as Likable as They Come

“The way she carries herself on and off the court. People need that in their lives and I feel like me playing with her this year and for the past three years, that’s made me a great player, because I feel like I piggyback off whatever she does.”

Fellow senior Ivey Slaughter has known Brown since their arrival at FSU four years ago.

The two have won countless games together and have helped establish the Noles as a consistent power in women’s college basketball. Slaughter noted Brown’s maturation during the years.

“She’s grown mentally on the court, she’s so mentally tough now,” Slaughter said. “We’re both perfectionists and we’ve both learned about fighting hard through any obstacles.”

To be a good leader, learning when to fool around and when to be serious is an important characteristic. It’s a skill Brown has mastered during her time as a Seminole. The senior credits her teammates’ abilities to follow her lead.

“This group of girls, they just make it so much easier. If I’m fussing at them, they respond. If I’m trying to get them hyped, they respond,” Brown said. “That makes it so much easier to be a good leader, even in times when things aren’t going your way.”

“She does a really good job of turning that switch on and off,” Slaughter added.

“When she’s on the court it’s all business and about getting the job done. But, after amazing wins she loves coming in and being goofy and enjoying the moment.”

The Fort Walton Beach, Fla. native has made her mark on the basketball floor, but maybe even more so off the court in the community. She’s won the hearts of many people and impacted the youth in the Tallahassee area.

“Brittany Brown could probably run for mayor,” Semrau said laughing.

“She’s somebody that is always reaching out and giving to so many people. I just received a letter from someone; their 12-year-old girl wrote a speech on the fact that Brittany Brown was her hero. You know, to get those types of things, you’re just so proud as a coach of the player that she’s become and the way that she impacts so many lives.”

With an important game against the Beavers looming on Saturday, Brown is ready to lead her team to a second Elite Eight appearance in three seasons. The senior believes her team is as prepared as it’s ever been to accomplish the feat.

“The difference is the group of girls on the team, this team’s just so selfless. It doesn’t matter who gets the credit. We’re fighting for one another this year. That’s been our motto all year,” Brown said.

“We used to splinter apart in the previous years when adversity hit and this year the biggest difference is the way we fight for each other.”

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