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Meet FSU’s Jessica van der Linden In This Week’s Q&A

March 10, 2002

March 1, 2002

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What was your favorite softball moment of 2001?

At regionals in the final game, I was on second base and scored diving head first into home plate. It was just an exciting moment giving us the lead over Cal.

What is the best part of playing softball at FSU?

Definitely the girls, we are all so different but yet come together as a team and perform out there on the field. We have some much fun doing it.

Have you thought about what you want to do after you are done with school?

I want to be an elementary school teacher. I would love to teach either first, second, or third grade, I love kids!

Having a fabulous freshman year, how do you look to continue that success and what are some goals that you have set for this year?

Some of the goals I have set of this season are to keep my pitching era under 1.00, I want to try and match or improve my batting average of .315, and I would love to hit one out, even though I am more of a base hit hitter.

Talk a little bit about your 3 no-hitters last year, what goes through your mind when you are on the mound?

Actually when I am on the mound I really don’t pay any attention to whether I have a no-hitter or not. I get really mad at myself when I walk batters. If they are going to get on base, I would rather it be by a hit then a walk. When I am on the mound I really concentrate on where I need to pitch the ball. Of course, it’s great to pitch no-hitters, but it’s not something I strive to do every time I’m out there. I want to make a good pitch to get the batters out.

What is your at bat song and why did you choose that one?

It’s J.T. Money High Low, which says hit’em high, hit’em low, and at the end it says get’em J. And I’m Jessica, so J, Jessica, you know….

What is your favorite color M&M?

Well I wish they had a color purple M&M, but I would have to say red.

Describe your experience this past summer in Venezuela with the Puerto Rico National team?

It was a great experience! The environment and the type of ball that was played was all very different. I have never played in a stadium that got so excited. We had one game that we didn’t finish until 1:30 in the morning cause it was postponed due to rain. They lit the field on fire to dry it off, so it smelled like gasoline after that. But the fans stayed throughout the entire game and were so loud. It was a great experience. One thing that was so difficult was that the coaches spoke Spanish and I don’t. I understand a little bit. So, the coach would be talking to me and I would turn to one of my teammates that spoke English and Spanish to see what exactly he told me to do.

What is the one thing people don’t know about you that you would most like them to know?

I am not a mean person. I have gotten from a lot of people that when I am on the field that they think I am so mean. Even when people meet me for the first time, they think I am mean. I am just a very serious person, especially on the field. But if you really get to know me, you’ll realize that I am such a goof ball.

What are your favorite things to do away from softball?

Eating, sleeping, reading, and going out and hanging with my friends. I love to just chill out!

Who do you admire most in life?

I would say my older sister and brother. My sister because she is a mother of three. She always seems to have so much on her plate, but she handles it all so well. She just recently finished a Miss Fitness contest, after three kids mind you, and placed fourth. She is a trainer at LA Fitness. They have both been a great influence on me. When I’m having problems, I can always count on them for some great advice. Since they were both athletic, they tend to see my point of view on certain things. My brother is at the expert level of mountain bike racing.

What is the best piece of advice you ever got? And who gave it to you?

It was from one of my coaches. He told me to never play down to another team’s ability. He told me to always concentrate on your game and not to worry about whether the team you are playing is great or is absolutely horrible.

What is your favorite all-time movie?

With a little help from teammate Elisa Velasco, Desperado

Who is your favorite professional athlete?

I really don’t have one. If it were up to me, I would be out playing the game instead of watching it.

What is your favorite pig out food?

Flaming hot Cheetos, I have eaten a bag almost everyday since my freshman year of high school

What is the last book you read?

I am reading a book right now called God.

If you could compete for an Olympic medal, which sport, other than softball would it be in?

Swimming. I just think it is so awesome to be able to do the whole swimming thing. You can be in great shape if you do it everyday. We (pitchers and catchers) swim for extra cardio and stamina. I go in there and just die. It is pretty tough to do, so I give all the swimmers credit for being able to do it on a regular basis.

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